Great LSD Toilet Paper Prank.

Doin It:

Hilarious. Imagine your cleaning up getting ready to go back to your desk and youre hit with this bomb. pulling off paper and then you see this message was about 5 sheets in. you pull a couple more pieces off and then boom you’re frozen… “Did I just put LSD on my butt” someone had an interesting day from there on out  “is it true? or a prank? I don’t know.. man my coffee tastes like blueberries, why is my boss staring at me.  Get me out of this cubicle” meanwhile peg from three desks down is laughing her ass off.

Human Wikipedia?

Is it weird that i’m still not impressed? So the guy sat in his living room with flashcards of famous peoples lifespans. Its what they did in the dash bro. Let me guess buddy, you’re an excellent driver?

Guy is a modern day rain man:

South Carolina: Marcus Lattimore Update

Wow, after watching this happen in the game and then seeing the video your stomach kind of drops a little for this kid.  One second youre future looks so bright, the next  ‘Spaghetti Leg’ and possible career over.  However, some good news out of South Carolina,  it appears that the injury was only a dislocated knee and ligament. Which, when held up to the video footage  is pretty remarkable. Nothing has been speculated as to Lattimore returning this season however, he has one red shirt season available.

Heres to a speedy recovery big dog.

Definition of OG?

Uh oh guys, Bill escaped from assisted living and he’s rapping again.

And justttt for the record.. I think you are supposed to drop the “er” from that word.


Worlds Strongest Beer Revealed. – Thursday, Brewmeister Brewery, a Scottish brewery announced that they now make the world’s strongest beer called Armageddon; Armageddon has an alcohol content of 65% by volume. A typical United States beer has approximately 5-10% alcohol content by volume. The news of the world’s strongest beer has created an International Internet buzz Thursday.

Brewmeister Brewery created the high alcohol content beer and some of its ingredients include crystal malt, wheat, flaked oats and 100% Scottish spring water.

Clearly its the 100% Scottish spring water.  at $55 dollars a bottle they better have brave heart himself ride this thing out to be.

Easy on those Armageddons Bro: 

Terrell Owens Plays Midget In 1 on 1 Basketball…Loses.

Okay, after watching that I don’t know what they left out but my immediate takeaways are 1.) how do you guard that little guy morally. 2.) T.O apparently cannot drive to the basket? 3.) T.O get a job 4.) Who is that babe at 38 seconds in the background?

NHL 50/50 Split: Lockout Explained With Beer

Wow. That was absolutely perfect, Really broke it down for me too.

“I buy the Mrs. Vickies, I buy the fuckin smokes”

Thanks Wes W. for the video.

Chevy Chase Dropping N-Bombs on Community Set

TMZ – Chevy Chase had another verbal outburst on the set of “Community” yesterday during filming, this time dropping the N-word during a rant about the direction of the show. 

Sources on set tell TMZ … Chase was complaining about the direction of his character, who he feels has grown increasingly bigoted as the years have gone on. 

Okay, I think people are (as usual) blowing this out of proportion but nonetheless, Chevy Chase just losing it and dropping the filter letting bombs fly is Hilarious let him live.

Guy Hangs Onto 5 Million Dollar Lottery Ticket For 5 Years..

…to make sure his wife loved him and not his money

Ok respectable move on this guys part I think?  Well actually lets think this through a little here.

1.  She’s already your wife bro…probably something you should figured out beforehand don’t ya think?

2.  I’m no genius investor or anything, but cash that sucker in, put it in a money market and let it collect interest before you come to this wonderful decision.

Fun Fact – He bought a 5 million dollar winning lottery ticket at his parents store?! I am guessing there is more to this story than love.  “Hey lets let it sit for 5 years so no one is suspicious thennnnn we’ll cash it in.”

Ps – It took 5 years to figure out she loved you?

Star RB stops a yard short of end zone for grieving teammate

Yahoo – When Michael Ferns was racing toward the end zone, the Clairsville (Ohio) St. Clairsville High star had nothing in front of him but green grass and glory. He was seemingly seconds away from scoring his 12th touchdown of the season and wrapping up a victory for St. Clairsville against area rival Richmond (Ohio) Edison High.

Then, just feet short of the goal lineFerns slowed and walked out of bounds at the 1-yard line. Everyone in the stadium was stunned, except for Ferns’ teammates, who instantly knew what he was doing: He was setting up a teammate to score a fitting touchdown in memory of his late father, who had died just two days earlier from a catastrophic stroke.

Okay, a little tear jerker for your Wednesday afternoon wind down.

I’m a sucker for a good heart warming story.

Mitt Romney Has Binders Full of Women

The media is making a big fuss of this comment Mitt Romney made and people all over are creating Mitt Memes. I dont get it but hey…

..I don’t doubt that silver fox Mitt, has a whole gaggle of girls. 65 years of putting in all american work, I bet ol’ Mitt has built up quite the binder of babes.

One More Reason To Get Rid of Detroit.

Squatters, cant live with em, cant..get…rid…of…them??

DM – A Detroit woman and her one-year-old daughter are being forced to live with a squatter in their own home until a housing court decides on eviction proceedings.

Homeowner Heidi Peterson claims the squatter, former tenant Missionary-Tracey Elaine Blair, took over the residence while Peterson was away for a year during extensive home repairs.

Easy on the self portraits buckwheat

First order of business: Detroit must really be as awful as I think it is if that Colonial mansion is going for $23k (What Al Jefferson‘s bed cost).

Secondly, A “write in candidate“?  Sweet button!

Fantasy Update: Run Reggie Run

Reggie Reggie Bush Y’all

Well sources are saying and it appears Reggie has confirmed, His Kim Kardashian Look-A-Like girlfriend is holding a little Reggie in her stomach. He better hope that 7 fantasy point average is enough to pay the bills.

Sleeper Running back this week: Reggie Bush – he is back, he’s got a family to provide for now.

Romney: “I was completely wrong”

Mitt Romney said he was “completely wrong” when he argued that nearly half of Americans were “victims” and dependent on government.

Last month, secretly recorded video of Romney showed him saying 47% of Americans will vote for President Barack Obama “no matter what.”

“There are 47% who are with him, who are dependent on government, who believe that, that they are victims, who believe that government has the responsibility to care for them. Who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing.”

Ok Ok can anyone say RED FLAG?

Walk with me here….

You get caught cheating, red handed no less.  You have two instant options you can choose from AND you have you think fast…well three but running away as fast as you can doesn’t necessarily apply here.  1. “Baby, Baby I can explainnnnn!”  Or 2.  “I know what I did was wrong, will you forgive me?”  😦 Word to the wise ALWAYS choose option #1!!!  Use big words, speak in circles, show empathy,  point the blame elsewhere, but whatever you do, no matter what, don’t say you knew what you did was wrong.  You’re only saying that cause you got caught sucker.  Now I’m not taking sides yet here, but it makes you think a little.  Hypothetically, Mitt Romney is president, he bombs lets sayyyyyy Deleware.  Then he takes a month to come out and say….ehhhhh I was completely wrong.  Bottom line when hunting for a president of the great and wonderful U.S of A, we the people look for someone who is never wrong.  Orrr can confuse the shit out of us to make us think that they weren’t wrong.  Either way I’m calling bad move here Mitt.  Real bad.


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Meet Gracie, Mason Jar’s First Belle of the Week!

Today we launch our weekly Mason Jar Belle of the week.  It will post every Friday.  A regular local girl that deserves to be seen by the world because she is….well take a look and you’ll see.  If you know of anyone that you think deserves the honor of Belle, please hit contact us to submit a photo.

Say hello to Gracie, She was born and raised in Rhode Island, she’s 5’5, with blonde hair, brown eyes and LOVES  Buffalo Chicken Calzones (believe it or not!).  She studied Elementary Ed/Special Ed at Rhode Island College, where she currently has a 3.9 GPA (Brains and Beauty!) She played Basketball, Soccer, Track and Field and was All-State in Volley Ball. (Holy Stud!)  She is a die hard  New England fan, Pats, Celts, Rondo, Brady, Ellsbury all in that order.   Enjoy!!

Whoever Said Wrestling Is Fake Was An Idiot

DM – An ex-professional wrestler used a classic choke hold to send an unruly passenger on a train straight to the mat. The display of raw power was so terrifying, the passenger reportedly lost control of his bladder.

The Sheik, just going back to the glory days. Tell me he didn’t go into full character on this train.. I am 100% Sure an onlooker gave him the 3 count after this guy pissed himself.

PS  “The display of raw power was so terrifying  the passenger reportedly lost control of his bladder” What an unreal line, I would put that on my resume.

Vick Has Blown Through $30 Million Since His Release

Ever wonder how in the hell anyone of these athletes can be broke??  Many of  us go through our daily lives paying our bills, scraping to get by and somehow we manage.  Then we see these high profile athletes claiming bankruptcy and we’re like how in the hell?!?  Well Mike Vick is a prime example of how it happens.  Lets take the $30 mill he’s made and gone through since his release.

– $10.9 went to taxes

– $9.2 mil went to creditors

– $2.7 went to lawyers and accountants

– The rest is for various things, including child support and living expenses.

This leaves him about $1.5 Million to live off of until his pay day comes in next year.  ($35 mill guaranteed) Now don’t get me wrong, the guy is far from broke, especially for a guy who’s supposedly “bankrupt” …gotta love America.  So I guess what I’m trying to say here is, this is a lesson here to all the rookies on the come up.  1.  Stay out of JAIL!  2.  Wrap up.  3.  Ditch the posse.  4.  Live your life like this isnt gonna last forever (especially football players).  And finally you only need one Bentley.  Take some advice from Shaq, he didn’t spend one penny of his NBA paychecks.  Yep that’s right he banked it all and lived off his endorsements.  Now I’m sure his endorsements were pretty good compared to the rest, but at least he had a plan.  He’s done and gone from the NBA and still living very large (pun).


220 LB Gym Teacher Beat By 1st Grader.

NY POST – A hulking Queens gym teacher and former college football player claims a pupil fractured his ankle, injured his knee and forced him to go to a shrink for stress — even though the kid was only 50 pounds and in first grade.

Burly, 220-pound PS 330 teacher John Webster, 27, said a 4-foot-2 Rodrigo Carpio, 6, also kicked and pinched the Elmhurst school’s principal, a security officer and another teacher during a rampage in April.

“It’s sort of like an angel-devil sort of thing,” said the 5-foot-10 Webster, who recently filed a notice of his intent to sue the city and says he must now wear braces on his right ankle and knee.

‘HUMILIATING’: Gym teacher John Webster says he must now wear knee and ankle braces after Rodrigo Carpio injured him during a tantrum at their Queens school.    

Honestly, fuck this little kid. If that was me I would have peoples elbowed him at center court, taught him a lesson and he wouldn’t be biting, kicking or punching anyone. But that’s what is increasingly going wrong with this country. Can’t discipline anyone. His dumb ass mother saying he didn’t deserve to be called nicknames by a teacher? FUCK THAT.  Your kid deserves a physical assault acting like that and its your fault so maybe we’ll get you in on the John Webster pain train. This headline blew my mind in NY Post but you have to side with this guy after all, give this kid a swift roundhouse kick and send him back to gym class.

Medinah Mudslide

How sorry do these assholes look in the picture above? Dufner looks like a 65 year old woman. I dont know whats bigger the collapse of the USA or that double chin… Hey tough loss guys better luck next time. Way to let down your entire country.. The main reason i’m so bitter is because I had to put up with that “Ole Ole Ole” chant. Fuck that euro trash victory song… Hey Europe learn from a real man, there is only one victory chant:

Ryder Cup “Moves Tiger Woods to The Back of The Bus

Brandel Chamblee goes all Black drinking fountain – White drinking fountain on Tiger Woods at the Ryder Cup.

“He moved Tiger Woods to the back of the bus…So to speak” love the “so to speak” recovery right there.

Just moved tiger to the back of the bus… Bubba and Freddy Couples riding shotgun.