Vernon Adams Touchdown Pass.. Ehh

So this video has made its rounds, and at first I didnt want to post it because I dont think this is that impressive but due to popular demand here is the Vernon Adams touchdown pass. Kid does look like Mike Vick a little on this play.

Not bad, Not great.. but not bad.


Star RB stops a yard short of end zone for grieving teammate

Yahoo – When Michael Ferns was racing toward the end zone, the Clairsville (Ohio) St. Clairsville High star had nothing in front of him but green grass and glory. He was seemingly seconds away from scoring his 12th touchdown of the season and wrapping up a victory for St. Clairsville against area rival Richmond (Ohio) Edison High.

Then, just feet short of the goal lineFerns slowed and walked out of bounds at the 1-yard line. Everyone in the stadium was stunned, except for Ferns’ teammates, who instantly knew what he was doing: He was setting up a teammate to score a fitting touchdown in memory of his late father, who had died just two days earlier from a catastrophic stroke.

Okay, a little tear jerker for your Wednesday afternoon wind down.

I’m a sucker for a good heart warming story.

Why Has The Bouquet Pass Been So Popular In High School Football?

Why this play works any time — let alone every time — is anyone’s guess.

Despite the odds of it actually working, the play has been used a few times in the span of a week, two times on two point conversions, and in this case a game winning touchdown.  At this rate, I’m sure Boise State will be integrating it into its red zone offense very shortly.  Either way makes for good TV.