Guy gets dumped, Wins $30 Million

DailyMail- Mr Singh asked his sister buy him a lottery ticket from a convenience store in Hyannis, Massachusetts, and discovered he had won after the draw on Tuesday evening.

He turned up at the lottery headquarters on Wednesday accompanied by his family to claim his share of the millions.

So the guy came out with 16 million after everything… not a bad day at the bank.

Hows that for a rebound. What a tough break for that girl.. shut her out Sandeep! Don’t crack bro, you look weak.

Guy Hangs Onto 5 Million Dollar Lottery Ticket For 5 Years..

…to make sure his wife loved him and not his money

Ok respectable move on this guys part I think?  Well actually lets think this through a little here.

1.  She’s already your wife bro…probably something you should figured out beforehand don’t ya think?

2.  I’m no genius investor or anything, but cash that sucker in, put it in a money market and let it collect interest before you come to this wonderful decision.

Fun Fact – He bought a 5 million dollar winning lottery ticket at his parents store?! I am guessing there is more to this story than love.  “Hey lets let it sit for 5 years so no one is suspicious thennnnn we’ll cash it in.”

Ps – It took 5 years to figure out she loved you?

Mafia Paid Replacement Refs

Ok this could be a huge conspiracy theory, but hear me out.

  1. NFL Ref’s association says that for 85% of the replacement refs this was a second job.
  2. These “refs” also knew that this gig wasn’t gonna last forever.
  3. Many of these calls were SO BAD that one had to even wonder, have these guys ever even watched a football game before?
  4. As for the case in Green Bay….  This was a game changer, spread killer, and VIDEO evidence “verified” it was incorrect yet all of these part timers (except for one unflappable man) agreed on the wrong call.
  5. Vegas projected that 80% of the action was on GB and$250,000,000 changed hands because of that call world wide.  That’s a quarter of a BILLION dollars, wrath of god money!!

You’re telling me that not even .0001% of that couldn’t have been kicked back, offered upfront, or families lives put in danger to a part time worker? Im probably not the best example, but if you think that if  someone approached me at my part time job, that isn’t going to last much longer and offered me, lets sayyyy 250k, I’m not doin it…. you’re NUTS!  That’s just me though, there are plenty of people with much stronger moral fabric then I have, but plenty doesn’t mean all.  Food for thought.  OMG I’m so getting whacked for this.

Wister Miggles

Which is my real name and I live in Canada 😉