“Kart” Mariokart/Drive Parody.

Well Done, This is amazing. I was engaged I would have watched two and a half hours of that for sure.

David’s Pizza Commercial

This video is all over the place today. Breaking it down:  How long has this guy held onto this pizza commercial idea? A 40+ David, Brady Bunch-esque feature squares along with a straight out of 1993 Boyz II Men button down shirt leads me to believe David has had this one in the queue for quite sometime now.. But I get it, It is so hard to say goodbye to yesterday David.. Nice Work.


needless to say, he killed this video.

P.S yes I called that number.

PPS – Doesn’t this guy look like a black version of Andre from the league?

How To Rip Off a Ticket Scalper

Wow! Using this one, these guys killed it. Great Idea.

Hurricane Sandy Live Coverage

How many times in the past few days has John Travolta been singing this song while banging his Airplane Pilot Man Mistress?

Definition of OG?

Uh oh guys, Bill escaped from assisted living and he’s rapping again.

And justttt for the record.. I think you are supposed to drop the “er” from that word.


67 Yard Field Goal… and a beauty.

Kid is a regular Jay Feely. Try one from the end zone next time showoff.

Microsoft Exec. Has Two Bitches


At his 40th Birthday party Michael Angiulo raps about ‘fucking two bitches at the same time’. hilarious lyrics wow.. DJ Paul loses street cred… Micheal Angiulo gains it?