One More Reason To Get Rid of Detroit.

Squatters, cant live with em, cant..get…rid…of…them??

DM – A Detroit woman and her one-year-old daughter are being forced to live with a squatter in their own home until a housing court decides on eviction proceedings.

Homeowner Heidi Peterson claims the squatter, former tenant Missionary-Tracey Elaine Blair, took over the residence while Peterson was away for a year during extensive home repairs.

Easy on the self portraits buckwheat

First order of business: Detroit must really be as awful as I think it is if that Colonial mansion is going for $23k (What Al Jefferson‘s bed cost).

Secondly, A “write in candidate“?  Sweet button!

Lock City: Money May Goes Heavy on Michigan

Miggles – This idiot is at again, betting 3 million on Michigan +14 against Alabama tomorrow night.   I’d like to say he knows what hes doing when he makes these bets, but I truly think hes doing this one to prove a point.  “Hey look at me I was in jail, I came out richer than ever and Im still relevant”.  Ill give him that, he is still relevant, but I also will give him his first week in jail when his lawyers were begging he be let home because the food and lack of excersise was ruining him as a boxer.  (You beat your wife you get bad food sucka).  Now back to him being an idiot…  Last time he did this he put a million on the Broncos to lose the AFC championship, the idiot hit it.  THEN he takes those winnings and puts 1.9 million on a regular season Clippers game, moran hit that too!  So I guessss we can say hes playing with the houses money on this one, BUT again I guarntee he does not have one clear reason why he likes Michigan in this game +14, and rumor has it he was leaning towards Bama before even making the bet. 69% of the bets placed in vegas on this game so far are taking Bama, I cant say one way or another cause it is a lot of points, but what I do know is I dont have to lay a penny on this game now, cause Money Moran gave me all the action I needed. Roll Tide!!!!  You see humans are a funny species we want the favorite to fall we want the arogant to look silly and Idiot formally know as Floyd Mayweather is both of those every single day of his life.  This may be the first and only time that the house is the underdog.  Oh and the last time you see me routing for them.

Miggles Pick – Please Alabama lay the wood to Money Mays bank account.

Fun fact he had to lay it across 9 different sports books to cover the 3 mill.

Wiser Miggles Reporting

You Shut that Jew Mouth of Yours! or I’m Gonna Staple it Shut”

DM – Religion does not seem to have been a factor in the vicious assault on a Jewish college student, police said.

East Lansing police Captain Jeff Murphy said there was no dispute that Zach Tennen, 19, was seriously assaulted in the early hours of Sunday and suffered a broken jaw.

However the police chief said witnesses have not confirmed Tennen’s account that he attacked after being asked if he was Jewish at a party close to Michigan State University campus. Detectives also have no evidence that Tennen’s mouth was stapled during the attack as he claimed. 

Earlier this week, Zach Tennen said he was set upon by two men who asked if he was Jewish. 

The attackers, who claimed to be Ku Klux Klan, then raised their arms in a Nazi salute, saying ‘Heil Hitler‘ and began hitting the teenager. 

Zach said that while he was passed out, the attackers managed to staple through his gums. 

He said: ‘It was coming up in my two bottom teeth and it started in my gum, so, somehow they managed to staple it.’

Okay I’m not discounting this story at all, like man… I am sorry you got your jaw busted and while you were knocked out someone from “the KKK stapled your mouth shut”.. but don’t tell me this kid doesn’t look like a kid that would say people discriminated and beat him because he was a Jew.  C’mon bro its not 1942 your in east Lansing… Yeah Michigan sucks but its not east Germany. If you’re running your mouth at a college party things happen.


Vicious assault: Zach Tennen, 19, was recovering at home near Detroit, after he was beaten by two men in an apparent anti-Semitic attack



I dont know why but this asian kid is singing this Kanye song and all i can hear is Lunch Lady Land

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