Parking Deck Party

Wow what a great idea. Leave it to the kids at ASU for this innovative approach. Probably read about that structure collapsing on DailyMail next week.

Human Wikipedia?

Is it weird that i’m still not impressed? So the guy sat in his living room with flashcards of famous peoples lifespans. Its what they did in the dash bro. Let me guess buddy, you’re an excellent driver?

Guy is a modern day rain man:

Reporter Afraid of “Wiggling Carp” Almost Falls Out of Boat

Okay, first things first. 7 seconds in.. clearly best moment in that guys life.

Secondly, that reporter is a babe.

that’s it that’s all.

Lena Dunham Obama Ad?

Wait, does this little blouse wearing “fella” have a mushroom cut?  And furthermore, did he just say he wants to bang the President of the United States??  Ive heard of trashy campaign adds, but resorting to porn is, well AWESOME in my eyes.

This could either backfire really, really bad or be the smartest campaign move ever!  Either way I CANNOT wait to see Romney’s version of this.


Vernon Adams Touchdown Pass.. Ehh

So this video has made its rounds, and at first I didnt want to post it because I dont think this is that impressive but due to popular demand here is the Vernon Adams touchdown pass. Kid does look like Mike Vick a little on this play.

Not bad, Not great.. but not bad.


Caveman In El Paso Update

So I guess there is this “caveman” who is actually just a bum living in ruins in El Paso just roaming naked and scaring away hikers. He has been

UPDATE: Turns out the ‘Naked Caveman’  has been living off of proceeds from selling his blood. He has a cell phone and an opinion.. He labels Romney and Obama as: ” White Bush and Black Bush” also saying tons of people live up on that rock, they go there to barbecue and camp out.. Rock on Naked Cave Man, rock on.


“I just took a test this morning… yeah at the free clinic for hepatitis, I kicked ass too I got an A two B’s and a C. but don’t tell the 6th street blood bank.  Hey hows this for a short story; a guy can’t sell his blood cause he’s got hepatitis but he cant afford hepatitis medicine unless he sells his blood… so he poses nude in art classes.” – Terrance Maddox


Bus Driver Uppercuts Annoying Girl

Cleveland bus driver takes the uppercut to a whole new level. Have not seen an uppercut like that since ‘Mike Tysons Punch Out’

Once again, this is one of those circumstances I never condone beating a bitch up, but I do condone beating a bitch dowwwnnnn if she acts like that.

“I don’t care, she want to be a man.. I’m gonna treat you like a man”  Priceless!

Live Coverage: Felix Baumgartner Jump!

Live coverage of the attempt from Felix Baumgartner.  This guy is out of his mind!

It was delayed earlier this AM because of wind, but looks they are full go now and looking to launch.

Lady Gets Dropped By Cop.. Deserved It.

I’m never one to  condone hitting a woman, but this lady deserved every bit of this… jumping around like a wild animal spraying shit at cops… who cares if its just silly string you don’t do that. She deserved to get hit. If a cop did that to her and it was just Silly String she would have gone all ‘Boricua’ on his ass. But lets face it, you think that’s the first time she’s been hit by a dude?


PS what alien language are these narrators using?

Random Monday Thought: 5 TV Shows I Wish Would Come Back Exactly How They Were.

They Just Don’t Make Television programs like they used to.


1. Baywatch


2. Saved By The Bell


3. Boy Meets World


4. Step By Step 


5. Full House


Bonus: The OC (Dont Judge ME.)


If these intros don’t touch you… you’re a sicko.