PhotoBOMBS of the Day from the Master Aaron Rodgers – 60 PICS

Aaron Rogers is a photobomb fanatic and apparently has been doing it on these group photos for YEARS

Ladies and Gentlemen the Master Photobomber Aaron Rodgers








Aaron Rodgers Photobomb Collection


Aaron Rodgers Photobomb Collection

Aaron Rodgers Photobomb Collection

Aaron Rodgers Photobomb Collection

Aaron Rodgers Photobomb Collection

Aaron Rodgers Photobomb Collection

Aaron Rodgers Photobomb Collection

Aaron Rodgers Photobomb Collection

Aaron Rodgers Photobomb Collection

Aaron Rodgers Photobomb Collection

Aaron Rodgers Photobomb Collection

Aaron Rodgers Photobomb Collection

Aaron Rodgers Photobomb Collection

Aaron Rodgers Photobomb Collection

Aaron Rodgers Photobomb Collection

Aaron Rodgers Photobomb Collection

Aaron Rodgers Photobomb Collection

Aaron Rodgers Photobomb Collection

Aaron Rodgers Photobomb Collection

Aaron Rodgers Photobomb Collection

Aaron Rodgers Photobomb Collection

Aaron Rodgers Photobomb Collection

Aaron Rodgers Photobomb Collection

Aaron Rodgers Photobomb Collection

Aaron Rodgers Photobomb Collection

Aaron Rodgers Photobomb Collection

Aaron Rodgers Photobomb Collection

Tebow Tied Down

TMZ – Tim Tebow has finally scored — problem is, it’s off the field — because TMZ got the first pic showing Tim with his hot new girlfriend/actress, who is no stranger to famous virgins.

Tim and Camilla Belle showed up at Latitude 30 in Jacksonville, Florida Tuesday night, where they bowled and partied.

Uh oh expect wedding bells in the near future. From Jonas Brother to Tebow, Camilla belle is known for stripping V-Cards.   As we all know Timmy wont hit it til its legit. How much better of a QB will Tebow be after he bangs his new girlfriend… Rex Ryan put her up to this or what?


Lock City: Week 8 NFL Picks

Carolina Panthers (1-5) at Chicago Bears (5-1)

The Bears have put up some big numbers already this season, scoring 34 or more points in half of their games.  I actually think Jay Cutler being banged up has kept the line reasonable.  I like the Bears in this one…A LOT.

Miggles Pick – Bears – 7.5

Atlanta Falcons (6-0) at Philadelphia Eagles (3-3)

Philadelphia is a great team who hasn’t played well and is playing a great team who has played too well. Vick is definitely playing for his job in this one and what better way to break out than against his former team. Andy Reid is also 13 – 0 after a bye, I think he keeps that streak in tact here. My strongest play of the week

Miggles Pick – Eagles -3

Washington Redskins (3-4) at Pittsburgh Steelers (3-3)

I like the Skins to cover with a possibility of them taking the game outright. Pittsburgh has been squeaking by everyone of their wins this season. Definitely taking the points here.

Miggles Pick – Skins +4

Miami Dolphins (3-3) at NY Jets (3-4)
The Jets pulled out a close 23-20 overtime victory against the Dolphins earlier in the season in Miami. Since that loss though the Dolphins have lost just one game and have been in three very close match-ups. I like them to run all over the Jets and win this one outright.
Miggles Pick – Miami +1.5
NY Giants (5-2) at Dallas Cowboys (3-3)
I like the Giants to get redemption on the road after losing at home to Dallas to open the season. Look for the Giants to run the ball a lot and throw as many passes to tight ends as possible trying to take advantage of Sean Lee’s absence in the middle of the Dallas defense.
Miggles Pick – Giants – 2.5
New England Patriots (4-3) at St. Louis Rams (3-4)
Getting a touchdown with a home team in most cases in the NFL is a good starting point.  Rams aren’t necessarily the home team here, but they arent the road team either.  I like the points here as the Rams can keep games close.
Miggles Pick – Rams +7

Greg Jennings Pranks James Jones

Well clearly being injured has sparked creativity for Green Bay Packers WR Greg Jennings, having all this extra time he decided to prank teammate James Jones by taking all four wheels off of his car in a retaliation to Jones’ prank where he drew dicks all over Jennings Car (see Below)

Fantasy Update: Run Reggie Run

Reggie Reggie Bush Y’all

Well sources are saying and it appears Reggie has confirmed, His Kim Kardashian Look-A-Like girlfriend is holding a little Reggie in her stomach. He better hope that 7 fantasy point average is enough to pay the bills.

Sleeper Running back this week: Reggie Bush – he is back, he’s got a family to provide for now.

Week 5 Jar Fantasy Starters

Alright guys, here is the week 5 Fantasy go to list.

Quarterbacks – 

Aaron Rodgers About time Rodgers finally put some fantasy worthy numbers up in week four against the Saints. This week, up against the Indianapolis Colts defense that has only two takeaways from quarterbacks… in only three games. Expect Rodgers to go 30+

Robert Griffin IIIThis week hes up against the falcons.. while the falcons D is tough I think hes going to have a field day rolling out of the pocket. All season long we have watched Griffin III climb in the fantasy ranks.. expect that progression to continue in week 5.

Drew Brees – Tough start for these Saints going 0 -4 … However with Brees staying consistent even during losses I start him. Hes good for a few TD’s and a 22 point weekend. Start him against this San Diego defense which has allowed almost 600 passing yards in its last two games.

Running Backs – 

Ray Rice – The chiefs have let up around 30 – 35 points to backs these past few weeks. With Ray not getting as many touches in weeks 3 and 4 expect him to get more bang for his buck against KC.

Marshawn Lynch – Beast Mode is going against a team who allows more than 5 yards per carry. Leaves space wide open for Tailback receptions if Lynch gets his 20 carries this week he will have a HUGE day.

Sleeper: Reggie Bush – Bush played strong in week four despite the rumors of a knee injury. If he gets that kind of time this Sunday expect him to off on a Cincinnati team that is folding to backs allowing more than 5 yards per carry.

Wide Receivers – 

Roddy White Have to go with Roddy White.  Having eight catches for 169 yards and two touchdowns,he had a solid Week 4. If that game is any indication, he’ll have even more in store in Week 5. The Falcons visit the Redskins, who rank 31st against the pass, allowing 326.2 yards per game.

Wes Welker Okay okay, i know i am going to get heat for this but Welker is playing like old Welker and if that’s any sign then he will show up huge against the Broncos; Denver ranks 13th in the league in pass defense, giving up under 221 yards per game, and has allowed an average of 20 fantasy points to opposing receivers.

Andre Johnson – With Darrelle Revis out for the season, Johnson should be in position to perform, although Houston can rely on big numbers from Arian Foster I think this will be Johnson’s break out week.

Tight Ends – 

Rob Gronkowski Is there any surprise here? quickly becoming one of the most dependable TE’s in the league Gronkowski became the quickest tight end to reach 30 career touchdowns.. he is such a threat in the red zone. Against the Broncos in the playoffs last season, he recorded 10 passes for 145 yards and three TD’s as well as scoring in three out of four games so far this year.

Vernon Davis We saw Gronk do it to the Bills Sunday, watch for Davis to be less of a rush blocker and more of a threat this week. Davis should be good for at least two TD’s against Buffalo.

Defense – 

Minnesota Vikings – Coming off a huge week defensively expect them to do it again, not on the same level however we are betting on at least 10 points. Minnesota is playing against a Titans offense who gave up two interceptions for touchdowns last week. This is a huge proving week for the Vikings..Give them the start.

St.Louis Rams – These guys are going to be the sleeper defensive pick for the guy that wants to take a smart risk. The Cardinals are coming off a short week, they have a running game that has lagged and offensive linemen who get tired quickly. Rams should get it done.

Big Fat Linemen Don’t Like Looking Fat


So apparently all sorts of linemen are coming out complaining that the Nike uniforms introduced this season are not complimenting their figure. Should’ve gone with the Euro cut eh Raji? One of the Baltimore Ravens linemen had this to say: Ramon Harewood, a 334-pound Baltimore lineman, said that the new jersey fits him fine and that the complainers are those who “like to look pretty” and be “swagged up.”

I think Nike made the jerseys fit… calling spades “spades” if your 330 lbs you’re not going to ever look 195.. get over it and play ball.. stop worrying about being “swagged up” on the football field.

Top Fantasy Players For Week Four

Top Quarterbacks: 

RG3 (Redskins) – Until he gets injured (knock on wood)  he is going to continue to produce, hes been a solid fantasy player and dont expect anything different this week.. Start him.

Aaron Rodgers (Packers) – He’s pissed, he had an awful game last week, they’re coming back with aggression this week and its all going to fall on New Orleans.

Tom Brady (Patriots) – Buffalo has bent over all season when it comes to passing defense. Expect the same if not worse this weekend. 

Sleeper: Fitzpatrick (Bills) –  The Patriots have let up some big yards in the passing game this season so don’t be surprised to see Fitzpatrick’s numbers leap this week.

Top Running Backs:

Marshawn Lynch (Seahawks) – This dude is nicknamed “Beast Mode” and hes going to go that on the Rams this weekend. just the way the cookie crumbles.. start him

Maurice Jones Drew (Jaguars) – One MJD is back, two hes playing the bengals boom start him.

Ray Rice (Ravens) –  Rice is known to crush the Browns, and its at home… enough said. 

Sleeper: Frank Gore (49ers) – He hasn’t had a great start but hes playing the Jets who are like a hotdog in a hallway when it comes to RB’s this year.

Top Wide Recievers    

Demaryius Thomas (Broncos) – Thomas is going hard hes a physical WR, hes going to put up numbers especially against  suffering Oakland defensive backs.

Calvin Johnson (Lions) – Although uncertain which QB will be starting, Megatron will certainly shine against this Vikings D.

Roddy White (Falcons) –  Roddy is going up against an already lagging Carolina defense. expect a W for the falcons and some big points for Ryan’s main man Roddy White.

Sleeper: Percy Harvin (Vikings) – I think both sides rack up fantasy points but Vikings pull out the W. Percy Harvin is a go to against the lions and he’ll dominate his match up. Start him.

TopTight Ends:     

Rob Gronkowski (Patriots) – “Gronk love play Buffalo” he always dominates, he finds the endzone wide open and he will continue that.

Tony Gonzalez (Falcons) – Same reasons as Roddy White (above) Carolina cant contain. and the falcons will exploit that… Start him

Top Defense:

Arizona Cardinals Theyre playing the Dolphins and their Defense goes oh so hard. Start em

Dallas Cowboys – Theyre facing the bears, that should sum it up.. Ware is going hard in the paint… Start em.

Top Kickers:

Jay Feely (Cardinals) – Playing the Dolphins this week, think there is going to be a lot of field goal tries, hes good for all of em… start him. 

Robbie Gould (Bears) – This squad is going to be kicking a lot. Cutler can’t get it in the end zone and Ware is going to stop the run game, they will rely on FG’s. Start him.


And those are your Mason Jar week 4 Fantasy picks..don’t feel like you have to listen to me..this is suggestion, but don’t be mad when I say I fuckin told you so.


Mafia Paid Replacement Refs

Ok this could be a huge conspiracy theory, but hear me out.

  1. NFL Ref’s association says that for 85% of the replacement refs this was a second job.
  2. These “refs” also knew that this gig wasn’t gonna last forever.
  3. Many of these calls were SO BAD that one had to even wonder, have these guys ever even watched a football game before?
  4. As for the case in Green Bay….  This was a game changer, spread killer, and VIDEO evidence “verified” it was incorrect yet all of these part timers (except for one unflappable man) agreed on the wrong call.
  5. Vegas projected that 80% of the action was on GB and$250,000,000 changed hands because of that call world wide.  That’s a quarter of a BILLION dollars, wrath of god money!!

You’re telling me that not even .0001% of that couldn’t have been kicked back, offered upfront, or families lives put in danger to a part time worker? Im probably not the best example, but if you think that if  someone approached me at my part time job, that isn’t going to last much longer and offered me, lets sayyyy 250k, I’m not doin it…. you’re NUTS!  That’s just me though, there are plenty of people with much stronger moral fabric then I have, but plenty doesn’t mean all.  Food for thought.  OMG I’m so getting whacked for this.

Wister Miggles

Which is my real name and I live in Canada 😉

Refs Are Back

DM  – The NFL has ended its labor dispute with the referee’s union, agreeing to a deal that will have experienced officials back on the field on Thursday night.

The tentative agreement comes two days after a massive fan and player uproar over a botched call that decided the outcome of a game on Monday night.

The stalemate, which saw the NFL’s referees locked out since the beginning for the pre-season, had been whittled down to disagreements over ‘a little money.’

Fuck, am I the only guy here who is going to miss these replacement refs? I mean I love the NFL but these guys have single handedly turned it gong show. and I’m loving every second of it. Hits are bigger, almost anything goes and the game is always up for grabs, I’ll take it any day. Oh well, welcome back hoch.


I asked Ed Hochuli how many curls he’s been doing: “As soon as I heard the rumors today, I got down on the floor and started doing pushups.”

@JeffDarlington Jeff DarlingtonRetweet

Lingerie Football League FIRED Current NFL Replacement Ref

Ok so heres the gist of it.  The LFL yes the Lingerie Football League fired all of its refs because of poor calls and one of those refs now works for the NFL.

LFL Commission Mitch Mortazaer  learned after the Green Bay debacle that one of the replacement refs on staff for the NFL, the 9 billion dollar industry known as the National Football League is now employing Craig Ochoa, a ref that was subsequently fired from the LGL for poor performance!!


“They were hurting our overall broadcast caliber,” Mortaza says. “And if it’s opening up our players for potential injury, those things raise red flags here. Is it hurting overall credibility? When either of those two things are compromised, it’s time to start thinking about parting ways.”

“The entire crew was released due to several poorly called games which included missed calls, poor judgment and poor presentation for broadcast,” Mortaza says.

Listen I’m all for people getting a second shot in life, but two things here the NFL needs to realize.  1. Like stated earlier, this is a 9 BILLION dollar industry and they are only 3 MILLION off on their disagreement.  To put this into perspective $250, 000, 000 supposedly went to sportsbooks all over the world because of the blown call in the Green Bay game.  2.  IF you are going to be this petty and jeopardize the credibility of such and industry lets dig a little deeper on the back ground checks before hiring the replacements.
Sad thing….how many of us are hoping to see more bad calls (not against our teams) this weekend cause it makes for good TV?!?  OMG Goodell is a GENIUS!!!


Refs Killing it in Seattle

I think they got the call right? How bout you? 

This fucking call blows my mind, It blows my mind. Don’t get me wrong here.. I was pulling for Seattle. I wanted the game to end with this exact scenario, it’s what makes football exciting but wow these refs are taking what little integrity the NFL had left and Gronk smashing it off of our dicks.  I mean I saw that replay 3 times and on the first i knew it was an interception… fuckin hire me in the booth.

Anyway, Pete Carroll gets the W, Russell, Marshawn and the rest of Seattle get the W and Gruden still has a mushroom cut. The NFL goes back to its quiet peaceful existence on this Tuesday morning.

Mason Jar Weekend Recap: 1st Edition


N.C State Wolfpack dominate Citadel – 

ACC Recap – 

Florida, Georgia and Alabama roll over competition – 

Greenday frontman Billie Joe Armstrong Loses it – 

Olsen Twins are dream killing whores – PEREZ (Video)



NFL– Refs are still retarded – 

Ravens missed field goal –


Belichick choke slams referee (well in Belichick actions at least)   

Tracy Morgan passes out at Emmy awards onstage (got me) 

Jimmy Kimmel is skinny(ier)? (when did this happen?) someone didnt tell us he’s doing Atkins ! 

Brandt Snedeker Wins Fed Ex cup and 10 Million Dollar Bonus –  

Gronk Is Living The Dream

USA TODAY – Rob Gronkowski and former adult film star Bibi Jones has hit the Internet, one year after pictures of the scantily-clad woman modeling Gronkowski’s New England Patriots jersey caused a brief stir and forced the tight end to apologize to team owner Robert Kraft.

The photo was tweeted from Jones’ account Tuesday night. In it, she’s wearing a bikini bottom and holding up Gronk’s No. 87 jersey to cover the upper-half of her body.

BiBi Tweeted:

“@Britney_Maclin: Gronk told me he dropped those balls bc he was thinking of me! Gotta get back in his life (:


Wow Gronk Killing it with the: ” I cant even focus on football Ive been dropping balls without you.” You don’t get a bigger meat head than Gronk but I wouldn’t have it any other way, the guy is a legend at 23 years old. He has grown men frothing at his lifestyle, wearing his jersey just wanting to be him. He is Football or at least what its supposed to be.

Lock City: Thursday Night NFL Pick

Chicago Bears (1-0) at Green Bay Packers (0-1)

I’m a little excited by this game tonight, cause I really think Im on to something…But dont let me influence you.  Ill just let you know what Im thinking and why.  1.  I think the 49’ers are that good.  2.  The NFC North has followed the NFL’s suit and has become more offensive than defensive.  3.  Green Bay can run, they just abandoned it as they we’re out matched last week by (refer to #1).  4.  Bears D is not what it was (refer to #2)  5. Aaron Rogers.  6.  Green Bay is 9-0  ATS in its last 9 games after a loss.  7. Jay Cutler stinks.  8.  Brandon Marshall is good.

Ok this call can be a little confusing, but when you add all of them together you get 36.  Just kidding 🙂 You get Green Bay bouncing back with a win by a shade under two TD’s, with both offenses putting some points up.  Green Bay 37-24

Miggles Pick – Green Bay -4.5 AND over 50.5


Wister Miggles

Redskin Snapper Breaks Arm, Keeps Playing 2 quarters. Thanks to being Tasered as a kid.

DM – Washington Redskins‘ star Nick Sundberg has attracted plaudits for his bravery after he played two quarters of Sunday’s 40-32 win at the New Orleans Saints with a broken arm. 

The long snapper, who described the incident as ‘the worst thing I’ve ever put myself through’, has attributed his high pain tolerance to the fact that he has regularly been tasered – for fun – since he was a young boy.

Sundberg’s mother, Stacie, works for Taser International, maker of the most common brand of electroshock gun.

When he was nine years old, his mom took him to a Bring-Your-Kid-to-Work day. While at the company headquarters, Sundberg’s mom’s coworkers dared him to take a hit of the taser. 

Sundberg tells the Washington Post that the only reason he agreed to the ‘neuromuscular incapacitation’ was because he figured his mother ‘wasn’t going to let me do it.It turns out he underestimated her. Sundberg was tasered twice that day and apparently didn’t mind the sensation too much.

This is hilarious, guy just regularly gets tasered as a kid and now hes got retard strength and the pain tolerance of an elephant.

Something tells me, his childhood went a little something like this:

Cleveland Browns Going With Gangnam Style Offense In Season Opener

CLEVELANDFollowing a preseason that saw their inept offense make few, if any, strides, Browns head coach Pat Shurmur said his team will try out a new “Gangnam Style” offense in their season opener on Sunday.

 “I heard one of the interns in the front office talking about it,” said Shurmur. “I said: ‘What’s this Gangnam Style thing?’ And he said it’s all the rage. So I figured why not? We’ll go Gangnam Style. You always have to push the envelope and it can’t be worse than the pro style offense that we’re currently running.”

Shurmur asked the intern down to the practice field to put in the Gangnam Style offense.

“Alright, kid, show us what it is,” said Shurmur.

“Wait, you’re serious? Oh,” said the intern. “Well, I mean, if you’re translating it to football, I guess it would be a lot of unorthodox movement and formations. And up-tempo. I don’t know. It’s a South Korean music vi-.”

But Shurmur cut him off. “Amazing. I’ve been in football a long time and I know a genius when I see one. And what you just said is smarter than anything that ever came out of Mike Martz’s mouth.”

Browns players say they are excited about the Gangnam Style offense.

“I think that video is hilarious,” said running back Trent Richardson. “If people are going to laugh at us regardless, we may as well have some fun with it. Gangnam Style offense it is.”

But quarterback Brandon Weeden isn’t so sure.

“Gangnam Style? What is that? Is that the thing the other players were watching on the YouTube?” he said. “I don’t know. I don’t really get it. I just don’t feel like I fit in here. I don’t really get the terminology of the offense or even what other teammates are saying. And their music is so loud.”

Lock City: “Miggles is a Mush” Saturday College Games Re-cap

College week 1 

Miggles 3 – 3

Ohio 24 Penn State 14

Ok to be clear, I had reservations on the Penn State game, but I did point us all in the wrong direction on this one.  They obviously are suffering from distractions still.  The new coach hasnt found his groove and the loss of their key running back has made a difference.  So we definitely know how to treat PSU going forward.  (bright part)? 🙂

Clemson 26 Aurburn 19

yeaaaaa soooooo Clemsons good.  They have always had flashes of greatness then flashes of god awfulness.  I think we missed a key clue that this game would be on the greatness side.  Them coming of the embarrassment of last years bowl game gave them 8 months to dwell and prepare for that to never happen again.  Hind sight is 20/20 and I can see clearly why Clemson should have been the pick there.

Notre Dame 50 Navy 10

Notre Dame is looking to be a contender this year and need to make a statement in their first game with an abysmal Navy team.   This should have been easy to see.  Of course I didn’t see shit on this but a lot of points, which obviously didn’t matter.

Miami 41 BC 32

I DID however pick the Miami vs. BC game.  Hard fought and high scoring, but the better team pulled it out.  Lets not get it twisted here, (as the kids say) neither of these teams are very good so anything could have happened, I just rode the fact that BC had too much to deal with when it comes to injuries.

Bama 41 Michigam 14

I got 2 words for Mayweather…. you’re an idiot!! OK 3, but reports were out all week that you are betting 3 mill on Michigan, no rebuttals, no tweets, not a peep from you or your camp.  The games over and suddenly out of the woodwork  your camp comes out stating you actually placed the bet on Alabama.  How am I supposed to read into this???  Im gonna give it a shot.  After the  game you sulk go to your room and talk to no one for the rest of the night.  You wake up, making breakfast and people start walking in the kitchen, not saying a word to you because they know what kind of “mood” your in.  You can feel their tension and you chime out, $50,000 to whomever can make this like I took Alabama.  A few of your cronies take the challenge and head on there way.  You finish breakfast alone, head to the shower, then off to the gym like nothing happend not talking about the bet with anyone untils its confirmed from your lackeys that they got the word out and the media is running with it.

I write this because how can anyone with a straight face trust anything you say?  Your EGO blurs the lines on what to believe and what not to believe.  Your money and constant stock of yes men causes that same problem.  So in a nut shell i’m sticking with non fictional (most likely ) story of events.  Sorry about your loss moron.

Miggles finished college week one 3-3. Ehhhh who doest love payin juice.  I guess its better than ponying up for the loss.

NFL coverage and picks starting this tuesday.  STAY TUNED!!!!

Wister Miggles

Projected: Top 5 Fantasy Player of the week. Week 1.


Set your rosters cause Cam Newton is coming in hot. The panthers open up their season against the Buccaneers and you better believe Cam is putting up points in the  high 20’s. I am going to say on average between most leagues 27.5, He is going to bring it down on that Bucs D.

Cam is followed by

#2 Aaron Rodgers

#3 Lesean McCoy

#4 Tom Brady

#5 Phillip Rivers