Guy Hangs Onto 5 Million Dollar Lottery Ticket For 5 Years..

…to make sure his wife loved him and not his money

Ok respectable move on this guys part I think?  Well actually lets think this through a little here.

1.  She’s already your wife bro…probably something you should figured out beforehand don’t ya think?

2.  I’m no genius investor or anything, but cash that sucker in, put it in a money market and let it collect interest before you come to this wonderful decision.

Fun Fact – He bought a 5 million dollar winning lottery ticket at his parents store?! I am guessing there is more to this story than love.  “Hey lets let it sit for 5 years so no one is suspicious thennnnn we’ll cash it in.”

Ps – It took 5 years to figure out she loved you?

Meet Gracie, Mason Jar’s First Belle of the Week!

Today we launch our weekly Mason Jar Belle of the week.  It will post every Friday.  A regular local girl that deserves to be seen by the world because she is….well take a look and you’ll see.  If you know of anyone that you think deserves the honor of Belle, please hit contact us to submit a photo.

Say hello to Gracie, She was born and raised in Rhode Island, she’s 5’5, with blonde hair, brown eyes and LOVES  Buffalo Chicken Calzones (believe it or not!).  She studied Elementary Ed/Special Ed at Rhode Island College, where she currently has a 3.9 GPA (Brains and Beauty!) She played Basketball, Soccer, Track and Field and was All-State in Volley Ball. (Holy Stud!)  She is a die hard  New England fan, Pats, Celts, Rondo, Brady, Ellsbury all in that order.   Enjoy!!