Doing what australia does best:

This guy dressed as a kangaroo absolutely lost it.. put anotha shrimp on the bahhbie cause this game is over.


This Guy Packed a Football Full of Drugs to Throw over a Prison Fence….Buutt He Couldn’t Throw It Far Enough.


JACKSON, MI – A Detroit man who police believe attempted to throw a football containing drugs and cell phones to inmates over a fence at a Jackson prison Sunday, June 15, has been arraigned on three charges. Christen Deon-Sterling Moore, 22, was arraigned in front of Jackson County District Judge Joseph Filip on Tuesday, June 17, on two counts of furnishing contraband to a prisoner in prison and one count of furnishing a cell phone to a prisoner. Michigan State Police Detective Trooper Toby Baker said Moore was seen throwing a football over a fence at the G. Robert Cotton Correctional Facility on Sunday morning by Michigan Department of Corrections officers. The football landed between two rows of fences and did not reach any inmates




Bow wow, you should have remembered your jordans bro:

We all know this kid, every sport every ball..For example, playing a little stick ball in the tennis courts growing up; someone cranks the ball over the fence.. one dude runs out to get it and tries to strong arm it, off the top of the fence every time. Painful to watch, instead of the two second jog back into the tennis court this guy relives all of his fathers missteps in teaching him how to throw a fucking ball.. it’s a vicious circle.. hate to see it, love to see it type ordeal..


Wow! 5 Friends Take The Same Picture For 30 Years!

These 5 friends have taken the same picture for the past 30 years on their annual lake trip! Oh wait; they’ve taken it every 5 years for the past 30? Ohh so you mean they’ve only made it out to the lake 6 times in 30 years?

“Man, what happened? We used to go every summer! Man oh man, times they are a changing.”

Nevertheless pretty impressive! I wonder if the two guys on the left have  looked like serial killers 30 years ago too!


Great LSD Toilet Paper Prank.

Doin It:

Hilarious. Imagine your cleaning up getting ready to go back to your desk and youre hit with this bomb. pulling off paper and then you see this message was about 5 sheets in. you pull a couple more pieces off and then boom you’re frozen… “Did I just put LSD on my butt” someone had an interesting day from there on out  “is it true? or a prank? I don’t know.. man my coffee tastes like blueberries, why is my boss staring at me.  Get me out of this cubicle” meanwhile peg from three desks down is laughing her ass off.

Drake Graduates! High School?

DM – He’s sold over 5million albums and his latest tour took more than $42million.

But for rapper Drake none of that compares to his pride at graduating from high school.

The 25-year-old finally gained his diploma on Wednesday, ten years after leaving school at just 15 in search of stardom.

He tweeted to fans: ‘One of the greatest feelings in my entire life. As of tonight I have graduated high school!’

I guess he just wants to be, he just wants to be successfullllll.

This goes to show you do not need high school to make it in life.  Any high school kids reading this should drop out now and rap.

This has been a public service announcement from the Jar.

Mitt Romney Has Binders Full of Women

The media is making a big fuss of this comment Mitt Romney made and people all over are creating Mitt Memes. I dont get it but hey…

..I don’t doubt that silver fox Mitt, has a whole gaggle of girls. 65 years of putting in all american work, I bet ol’ Mitt has built up quite the binder of babes.

Microsoft Exec. Has Two Bitches


At his 40th Birthday party Michael Angiulo raps about ‘fucking two bitches at the same time’. hilarious lyrics wow.. DJ Paul loses street cred… Micheal Angiulo gains it?

Caveman In El Paso Update

So I guess there is this “caveman” who is actually just a bum living in ruins in El Paso just roaming naked and scaring away hikers. He has been

UPDATE: Turns out the ‘Naked Caveman’  has been living off of proceeds from selling his blood. He has a cell phone and an opinion.. He labels Romney and Obama as: ” White Bush and Black Bush” also saying tons of people live up on that rock, they go there to barbecue and camp out.. Rock on Naked Cave Man, rock on.


“I just took a test this morning… yeah at the free clinic for hepatitis, I kicked ass too I got an A two B’s and a C. but don’t tell the 6th street blood bank.  Hey hows this for a short story; a guy can’t sell his blood cause he’s got hepatitis but he cant afford hepatitis medicine unless he sells his blood… so he poses nude in art classes.” – Terrance Maddox


The Perfect Nap

we’ve all woken up like this ^ before.


Is it possible? I feel like this is something I’ve been searching for since I was a toddler. I hate naps, I love naps, I hate naps, I love naps. I’m up.

Everyone knows that “out of it” feeling you have after a nap.. am I really pissed off or am I well rested.. is that MY hand? Where am I.. ughh I am so thirsty.

I call it post nap syndrome and frankly I am surprised there is not a post nap pill yet.. (Idea number two.. I want 25%  if you create it).

See, we all know naps are like a box of chocolates you really never know what you’re gonna get, but what if you could control a nap and use it to your advantage? would you feel guilty taking them anymore? Or would you own them?

Guide to a perfect nap:

Keep it under 60 minutes or over 90… you don’t want to wake up feeling like Rain Man, that miniature gap between 60 and 90 minutes is where the post nap syndrome sets in… above 90 minutes you go through cycles of un-interrupted sleep, where as under 60 minutes keeps you fresh and allows you to oil up the gears. That’s your classical nap..

If you want to be edgy and hip with your nap, try the “Caffeine Nap“. A caffeine nap is where you time your caffeine intake to just before you lay down as it takes about 20 to 30 minutes to kick in leaving you rested and energetic as you wake up. But don’t take my word for it.. try it.

Some Ideas and Studies in This post originally appeared on the Medical Coding & Billing blog.

Big Fat Linemen Don’t Like Looking Fat


So apparently all sorts of linemen are coming out complaining that the Nike uniforms introduced this season are not complimenting their figure. Should’ve gone with the Euro cut eh Raji? One of the Baltimore Ravens linemen had this to say: Ramon Harewood, a 334-pound Baltimore lineman, said that the new jersey fits him fine and that the complainers are those who “like to look pretty” and be “swagged up.”

I think Nike made the jerseys fit… calling spades “spades” if your 330 lbs you’re not going to ever look 195.. get over it and play ball.. stop worrying about being “swagged up” on the football field.

Spanish Cops Know How To Party

DM – It has been reported that the estranged wife of one of the officers posted the footage onto YouTube, which has led to the pair being disciplined by Cerdanyola del Vallés town hall, near Barcelona.

She told Spanish newspaper El Mundo that she found the video on his work laptop, recorded it on her mobile phone and uploaded it.

A note on the video says: ‘Isn’t it great to have these kind of jobs where we can do whatever we want?’

This is a major fuck you from an Ex-Wife, First I’m taking the house, the kids, the gerbil, all your money and now I’m going to exploit your gay relationship with your partner.

Spanish cops just going rogue, love that flash light move in the beginning.. These guys have definitely been watching boogie nights after their shift.

Everyone knows gay dancing in your patrol vehicle is great team bonding activity.. so lay off.

The only way this video could have been better is if they were all “wait who’s driving the car”… SMASH!