Guy gets dumped, Wins $30 Million

DailyMail- Mr Singh asked his sister buy him a lottery ticket from a convenience store in Hyannis, Massachusetts, and discovered he had won after the draw on Tuesday evening.

He turned up at the lottery headquarters on Wednesday accompanied by his family to claim his share of the millions.

So the guy came out with 16 million after everything… not a bad day at the bank.

Hows that for a rebound. What a tough break for that girl.. shut her out Sandeep! Don’t crack bro, you look weak.

Mitt Romney Has Binders Full of Women

The media is making a big fuss of this comment Mitt Romney made and people all over are creating Mitt Memes. I dont get it but hey…

..I┬ádon’t doubt that silver fox Mitt, has a whole gaggle of girls. 65 years of putting in all american work, I bet ol’ Mitt has built up quite the binder of babes.