Charlotte Hornets New Jerseys





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HUUUUUGE Upgrade from anything remotely related to the Bobcats.


Move Over Cowgirls

You aren’t the only Dallas cheerleaders in town anymore.   The Dallas Mavericks cheerleaders debuted their new skimpy outfits Monday night and sure look to be giving the legendary cowgirls a run for their money. 

Kobe Tells Critics “Shut Up”


Stephen A. without fail has to plug that he’s friends with every player in the NBA.  “He’s got my number” “Im sure he would text me” Amazing


Ray Allen “Hey KG”.. KG “Nope”


Anyone who says this is a childish move is an Idiot. KG has made it known Ray Allen is dead to him, that’s Allens fault for trying to be Mr. Nice guy, no room for that in sports. This is competition. Garnett has fans to protect and hes standing up for the city of Boston. When you’re a leader that’s just what you do.. Ray Ray made his bed, now hes got to lay in it.

I Can’t Believe Delonte West Got Released!

Said no one ever..

Dallas – The Dallas Mavericks have waived guard Delonte West after suspending him twice in less than two weeks for conduct detrimental to the team.

West, who has bipolar disorder, indicated in a series of tweets after the second suspension that his future in Dallas was in doubt. He was a valuable role player for the Mavericks last year and figured to play a similar role this year before a pair of locker room incidents during the preseason.

Valuable my nuts.  This guy was a thorn in the side of any team he played with and any teammates mother he knew.  Not even sure that makes sense, but you get it.  Peace D West!

James Harden: Traded!

 Yahoo – Thunder couldn’t reach a deal with James Harden. 

The Oklahoma City Thunder have traded James Harden to the Houston Rockets after they were unable to agree to a contract extension with the star guard, league sources told Yahoo! Sports

The Rockets sent Kevin Martin, Jeremy Lamb and future draft considerations to the Thunder for Harden, sources told Y! Sports. Along with Harden, the Thunder will send Cole Aldrich, Lazar Hayward and Daequan Cook to the Rockets.

Holy $hit



Well, once again empty hope for the 2012-13 NHL season as games are nixed through November 1st.

ESPN – It is the second round of game cancellations since the lockout went into effect Sept. 19. Earlier this month, the NHL eliminated the first block of regular-season contests through Oct. 24. A total of 135 games are canceled, which amounts to 11 percent of the season.

“As expected,” New York Rangers goalie Martin Biron told The Associated Press in a text message. “We continue to work hard to find an agreement and get back to playing hockey.”

Also, these games are not necessarily lost yet.. they are technically postponed while the possibility to squeeze 82 games into the season still exists it is highly unlikely.

All I know is my fantasy football team has been better than ever strictly because i haven’t lost concentration in October like most years before… Thank you NHL.






..Temper Tantrum City…. Typical. Although these days not much different than the NBA.

Cheryl Reeve coach of the Minnesota Lynx (Irrelevant) throws a tantrum after a couple technical fouls get thrown.

ps. love how she whips her coat at that beetle juice looking lady.

Fantasy Update: Run Reggie Run

Reggie Reggie Bush Y’all

Well sources are saying and it appears Reggie has confirmed, His Kim Kardashian Look-A-Like girlfriend is holding a little Reggie in her stomach. He better hope that 7 fantasy point average is enough to pay the bills.

Sleeper Running back this week: Reggie Bush – he is back, he’s got a family to provide for now.

From $110 Million To Broke

Antoine walker former NBA player blew through all 110 million dollars he earned while playing in the NBA.

‘Twan blew through $110,000,000??? Dude get a financial advisor already. You would have been safer following ‘Miggles’ picks every week. If you need some scratch I do need my lawn mowed.. cant pay much but it could help you get on your feet.


Shouldve signed up for the 401k .