Mark Wahlberg Gets the Lead Role In Transformers 4

Yahoo Mark Wahlberg has proven through the years that one can shake a youthful image–such as a buff white rapper–and become a successful actor with several high-profile film credits under his name. Now it looks like he’s going to add a big-budget action flick to his resume, despite the director’s original denials.

What can Wahlberg do wrong?  We all know about his past as Marky Mark; addicted to coke at 13, beating up police and other people blah blah blah.. He escaped that; Escaped his awful hair choices over the years i.e Vince Papale in Invincible etc etc. Its hard not to like the guy, but damn He is owning it.. what can he not do?

Best Friends with Teddy Bear – Ted

Cop – We own the night/The Other Guys

Police Sargent – The Departed

Retired Marine – Shooter

Porn Star – Boogie Nights

Rock StarRock Star

Bodybuilder – Pain and gain

Fisherman – The Perfect Storm

Killer – Fear

Athlete – Invincible

High School Basketball Player – The Basketball Diaries

Plus lets not forget he was the producer of Entourage and Boardwalk Empire!

Are you shittin me Wahlberg? The list goes on! My fingers just got tired of typing.. jeez Marky Mark send some of those sky miles my way.

Optimus Chachy

Peyton, Papa Johns and Weed.

NESN – Throughout his career, Manning has been one of the most-endorsed athletes in sports, not only lending his name to products but also proving he’s an adept actor. So, in his continuing effort to set up his life post-football, the Super Bowl champion announced that he bought 21 Papa John’s pizza franchises in the Denver area Friday, according to The Associated Press.

Peyton Manning, The Don of Denver will be killing it with his newest investment as Colorado legalizes pot just a week after he brings Papa Johns to the house.

Call papa bear … hut hut

Sergio Romos Controversial Shirt?

Yahoo –  Romo was born to two parents who were originally from Mexico and raised in tiny Brawley, Calif., a town about 20 miles north of the border. Brawley has produced three major leaguers with Rudy Seanez and Sid Monge being the other two.

Romo’s black-and-white t-shirt contained just four simple words but they formed an important message about stereotyping, perception and acceptance.

You wanna dress and look like a vato gang banger from LA go right ahead, its your right….butttt dont complain when you hear these “four simple words” LICENSE AND REGISTRATION PLEASE.




Tebow Tied Down

TMZ – Tim Tebow has finally scored — problem is, it’s off the field — because TMZ got the first pic showing Tim with his hot new girlfriend/actress, who is no stranger to famous virgins.

Tim and Camilla Belle showed up at Latitude 30 in Jacksonville, Florida Tuesday night, where they bowled and partied.

Uh oh expect wedding bells in the near future. From Jonas Brother to Tebow, Camilla belle is known for stripping V-Cards.   As we all know Timmy wont hit it til its legit. How much better of a QB will Tebow be after he bangs his new girlfriend… Rex Ryan put her up to this or what?


South Carolina: Marcus Lattimore Update

Wow, after watching this happen in the game and then seeing the video your stomach kind of drops a little for this kid.  One second youre future looks so bright, the next  ‘Spaghetti Leg’ and possible career over.  However, some good news out of South Carolina,  it appears that the injury was only a dislocated knee and ligament. Which, when held up to the video footage  is pretty remarkable. Nothing has been speculated as to Lattimore returning this season however, he has one red shirt season available.

Heres to a speedy recovery big dog.

Maryland, Lets Just Sit This Season Out.

Yahoo – Maryland‘s string of bad luck with its quarterbacks continued this weekend, as the Terps lost their fourth starting quarterback to injury, meaning a freshman linebacker is likely to be Maryland’s starting quarterback this week.

Edsall apparently will turn to freshman linebacker Shawn Petty, who was an option quarterback in high school but was recruited as a defensive player.

Now I finally have a reason to watch  Maryland Football!! . We here at the Jar love a good underdog story, so I’m  defintely rooting for this kid, but the way this season is going he’s 100% looking at a season/career ending injury.

If I were him I would throw a pick on purpose every once in a while and then light the kid up….Just to remind everyone what he’s really good at.

San Francisco Wins The World Series… And No One Cares

Game 1 – Exciting, three homeruns by The karate knowing Panda!  Tom Hanks son is pumped!  This looks like its gonna be a fun series!!

Game 2 – Oh the Giants won 2 – 0?  I switched to Glee.

Game 3 – Giants win again.  I was watching football.

Game 4 – They played last night?


Pitching is great and all, but we need to get back to the McGwire, Bonds, Sosa days if baseball wants its audience back.



Jay Cutler Hates Bear Fans.

“These Fucking Fans, I swear to God.”


Personally I’m with this idiot on this one.  The bears are winning games and look to be a contender again this year.  Now I say idiot because, I’m sure many players have felt this way, yet you are the moron who gets caught saying it.  Smartin up pissy pants.


ManVice: Screw me once…

It’s an old  saying, but it always reigns true. Screw me once shame on you… Screw me twice shame on me.

If you have a “friend” that joined your fantasy league and never paid when he lost in the first round of the playoffs, don’t invite him the following year. If you go to a bartender and they pour you a weak drink, the second will be just as bad.  If you’re dating a girl and she cheated on you once… she is a cheating whore that does not deserve a second chance.  Live your life by this simple rule and you will be a better man for it.

You will thank me later


67 Yard Field Goal… and a beauty.

Kid is a regular Jay Feely. Try one from the end zone next time showoff.

Why Has The Bouquet Pass Been So Popular In High School Football?

Why this play works any time — let alone every time — is anyone’s guess.

Despite the odds of it actually working, the play has been used a few times in the span of a week, two times on two point conversions, and in this case a game winning touchdown.  At this rate, I’m sure Boise State will be integrating it into its red zone offense very shortly.  Either way makes for good TV.

Pop Warner Bounty Program..

No error in that headline, introducing the mastermind Darren Crawford:

Yahoo – The president of the Tustin, Calif., Pop Warner football league and the coach of an elite team there have been suspended while the national organization investigates allegations that 10 and 11-year-old players were offered cash incentives as high as $50 to intentionally injure their opponents.

“We take this matter very seriously and have asked Tustin Pop Warner head coach Darren Crawford and Tustin President Pat Galentine to step down until this situation is finalized,” executive director of Pop Warner, Jon Butler, said in a statement.

With a 12-1 record last season and and an appearance at the Pop Warner Super Bowl, the Cobras were formidable opponents.

But according to allegations from some players and parents, the team was playing dirty.

This is too funny, 110% this guy looks like a coach who would start a bounty program for kids. But where is this Pop Warner coach getting the money to spot these kids. I mean 50 bucks a pop adds up quick when all the kids are gunning for pre-mature knees.  I wish my coach had been like this guy, I’m assuming the pathway for a head coaching job in the show starts with pop warner so I don’t disrespect this guy one bit in fact I admire his desire to succeed. play on playa.