“Kart” Mariokart/Drive Parody.

Well Done, This is amazing. I was engaged I would have watched two and a half hours of that for sure.

Obama or Romney: Who athletes are voting for

Jeter’s an Obama man

A-Rod is a Mittens guy

Floyd loves him some Obama

The Bear is pulling for Mitt

Vincanity is a Bama man

Elway is all Romney all day

MJ is for BO

Peyton wears Mittens

Emmit is Barackin

Greg Anothey…who cares?  Ok its Mitt Romney

The Diesel is voting for Barack

Hulk has a man crush on Romney

Rooney (cant vote) but his man crush is on Obama

Pretty Rickie is a Romney man

Miggles Undecided

How To Rip Off a Ticket Scalper

Wow! Using this one, these guys killed it. Great Idea.

Ughhh Kate Upton.. You’ve Done It Again.

Kate Upton has once again outdone herself.

This Would Be The EXACT Moment I Quit Karate.

“Nope…Nope… Fuck this, Fuck you guys, I’m out of here”  I would get up throw my gloves and helmet (or whatever the fuck that thing is) and I would be out of that gymnasium for life.

P.S.There is a 100% chance that guy pronounces “Karate” as KahRahTay

Hilarious: Drunk Kid Lit Up On High School Football Field

Easy on the Zimas Zac Efron.

How old is this kid? Is he 19? Is he 40?  I can’t tell. Regardless, the kid definitely was bombing down Bartles and Jaymes in the stands like nobodies business and decided walking out on the field  like “hey this is my game bitch” was a good idea.  Except for the fact “Dad of the Year” was at the game and comes flying in with the knockout blow heard round the world…   Who said old man strength is an old wives tale?

P.S whats look is he going for with that belt exactly?

Hurricane Sandy Live Coverage

How many times in the past few days has John Travolta been singing this song while banging his Airplane Pilot Man Mistress?

Definition of OG?

Uh oh guys, Bill escaped from assisted living and he’s rapping again.

And justttt for the record.. I think you are supposed to drop the “er” from that word.


Reporter Afraid of “Wiggling Carp” Almost Falls Out of Boat

Okay, first things first. 7 seconds in.. clearly best moment in that guys life.

Secondly, that reporter is a babe.

that’s it that’s all.

Lena Dunham Obama Ad?

Wait, does this little blouse wearing “fella” have a mushroom cut?  And furthermore, did he just say he wants to bang the President of the United States??  Ive heard of trashy campaign adds, but resorting to porn is, well AWESOME in my eyes.

This could either backfire really, really bad or be the smartest campaign move ever!  Either way I CANNOT wait to see Romney’s version of this.


Duke vs UNC – Cheap Shot?


Looked intentional to me, kind of a dick move huh UNC? but hey, Ball never lies… hows that L look next to Duke on your record?

67 Yard Field Goal… and a beauty.

Kid is a regular Jay Feely. Try one from the end zone next time showoff.

Drake Graduates! High School?

DM – He’s sold over 5million albums and his latest tour took more than $42million.

But for rapper Drake none of that compares to his pride at graduating from high school.

The 25-year-old finally gained his diploma on Wednesday, ten years after leaving school at just 15 in search of stardom.

He tweeted to fans: ‘One of the greatest feelings in my entire life. As of tonight I have graduated high school!’

I guess he just wants to be, he just wants to be successfullllll.

This goes to show you do not need high school to make it in life.  Any high school kids reading this should drop out now and rap.

This has been a public service announcement from the Jar.

Microsoft Exec. Has Two Bitches


At his 40th Birthday party Michael Angiulo raps about ‘fucking two bitches at the same time’. hilarious lyrics wow.. DJ Paul loses street cred… Micheal Angiulo gains it?