Great LSD Toilet Paper Prank.

Doin It:

Hilarious. Imagine your cleaning up getting ready to go back to your desk and youre hit with this bomb. pulling off paper and then you see this message was about 5 sheets in. you pull a couple more pieces off and then boom you’re frozen… “Did I just put LSD on my butt” someone had an interesting day from there on out  “is it true? or a prank? I don’t know.. man my coffee tastes like blueberries, why is my boss staring at me.  Get me out of this cubicle” meanwhile peg from three desks down is laughing her ass off.

Guy In Ghostbuster Costume Backflips Off Cop Car… You’ll Never Guess What Happens Next.

.. He is promptly arrested.

I hate kids like this, he  is clearly one of those “one uppers. ” 

“Man, last night was great, we had some beer and hung out, decent night all around.”

“Oh yeah?  I fucked a porn star, got pulled over, my blood alcohol level was 7 times the legal limit and they let me go. ”

“Dude thats happened to me before too…nut!”

“Oh yeah, did I mention that I went swimming with a tiger too?”

I wish he face planted

Skateboarder Lit Up By Deer.

Was he trying to Skitch that thing? That’s got to hurt.. Going 40 miles an hour down a hill you lose all logic clearly, this guys state of mind appears to be ” woah deer!! Brah, I could beat it..”  as he hooks right to go around it and then boom hows the ground taste? all his buddies are like fuck you we cant stop! And the random guy on the side of the road is saying bro i’ll help you tape your skin back on. And that deer is like fuck me man not again.

Bambi might have a new spot above the fireplace after that one…

Friday Afternoon Surfing to Break Your Lull

I guess im on a surfing kick today.. but  oh well. Bringing Back Donavon Frankenreiter.. Solid Song and Video to Take us into the weekend. Football Beer and whatever else all of you heathens do.. Enjoy this: 

What A dickhead

I hate assholes like this, this is the same guy that goes all out in two hand touch or flag football. Guy plays intramural like Bama scouts are in the stands.. did I hear a roll tide after that sap of a defense folded and the asshole on the receiving end records a Touchdown?

School Bus Driver Plows Through House.


Haha holy shit, what went through this guys head when we was reaching for the wheel..”i can hook it, i got this” then bam right through a fucking house. He was for sure playing dead at the end of that video. Sorry buddy we all know you were trying to ghost ride the whip and shit got out of control.

Lil Poser

You tell me real skaters don’t make fun of him behind his back?!?!  Im all for re-inventing yourself, but this bored multi millionaire is gone off the deep end.  Stick to what you do best bud and rap, leave the skating to the kids.

Your truly,

Wister Miggles