Halloween BYU Football Player Brawl… Great Footage

2nd view:

Wow, thats just Mormons being mormons I guess.. BYU

David’s Pizza Commercial

This video is all over the place today. Breaking it down:  How long has this guy held onto this pizza commercial idea? A 40+ David, Brady Bunch-esque feature squares along with a straight out of 1993 Boyz II Men button down shirt leads me to believe David has had this one in the queue for quite sometime now.. But I get it, It is so hard to say goodbye to yesterday David.. Nice Work.


needless to say, he killed this video.

P.S yes I called that number.

PPS – Doesn’t this guy look like a black version of Andre from the league?

Parking Deck Party

Wow what a great idea. Leave it to the kids at ASU for this innovative approach. Probably read about that structure collapsing on DailyMail next week.

Reporter Afraid of “Wiggling Carp” Almost Falls Out of Boat

Okay, first things first. 7 seconds in.. clearly best moment in that guys life.

Secondly, that reporter is a babe.

that’s it that’s all.

Lena Dunham Obama Ad?

Wait, does this little blouse wearing “fella” have a mushroom cut?  And furthermore, did he just say he wants to bang the President of the United States??  Ive heard of trashy campaign adds, but resorting to porn is, well AWESOME in my eyes.

This could either backfire really, really bad or be the smartest campaign move ever!  Either way I CANNOT wait to see Romney’s version of this.


Whoever Said Wrestling Is Fake Was An Idiot

DM – An ex-professional wrestler used a classic choke hold to send an unruly passenger on a train straight to the mat. The display of raw power was so terrifying, the passenger reportedly lost control of his bladder.

The Sheik, just going back to the glory days. Tell me he didn’t go into full character on this train.. I am 100% Sure an onlooker gave him the 3 count after this guy pissed himself.

PS  “The display of raw power was so terrifying  the passenger reportedly lost control of his bladder” What an unreal line, I would put that on my resume.

Jackie Chan Lights up Comedian

I don’t know if this guy went off cause he was saying me love you long time to his sister or cause his act was so bad.. but regardless hilarious to watch this Asian guy slowly lose it.

The best part is the quote from Facebook :

“Sometimes comedy really sucks. Rest in Peace Dom Fok. Thank you for being part of my set for so many years. I love doing this character, but it’s time to say goodbye. I was told many years ago by a couple of big time comedian friends that this was the kind of bit that could get me noticed. They were wrong. I also thought the stage was the only safe place to truly express myself. I was wrong. I will heal and regroup and hit the stage again soon. I’m just glad this ass wipe didn’t have a gun. Thank you and goodnight.”

And the Tweet: 

Comedian Violently Attacked On Stage: youtu.be/FOk3dH-gQUU via @YouTube This is nuts. I’m ok. Crazy shit!

haha this guy is acting like he got mauled by a fucking crowd of kimbo slices, this 5 lb soaking wet Asian guy really hurt you Brett? that’s funnier than your act.

Justin Love Dropping Some Wednesday Heat on us.

Just to get your humpday poppin off, Justin Love dropping a banger on us.  

It could have been the crystal meth, just a guess. When you fell in love.

Those hood rats rocked it, which one do you think j.love wrote those lyrics about?

p.s –  j.love expressed  in a statement to the press he was also the man behind the xylophone on this track..

for all you heathens this is a xylophone:

Random Monday Thought: 5 TV Shows I Wish Would Come Back Exactly How They Were.

They Just Don’t Make Television programs like they used to.


1. Baywatch


2. Saved By The Bell


3. Boy Meets World


4. Step By Step 


5. Full House


Bonus: The OC (Dont Judge ME.)


If these intros don’t touch you… you’re a sicko.

Lindsay Lohan goes Chris Brown on Amanda Bynes via Twitter

Hows this for Foreshadowing? 

First off, these are two irrelevant “celebrities” who have gotten a lot of sub par publicity the past few months. However, it seems that since the former All That star (Bynes)  downward spiral, Lindsay Lohan feels that shes getting an unfair shake.  Hookers gonna hate.

Amanda Bynes‘ recent driving record is worse than an 85 year old Asian guy with mild retardation and partial blindness.  She COULD hit the broad side of a barn going 80 on sunset and I don’t even know how that’s possible.

Lohan Tweets:

Why did I get put in jail and a nickelodeon star has had NO punishment(s) so far? +

— Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan) September 17, 2012

These are the moments that I appreciate my life experiences, living without regrets and Disney for supporting me as an actress-nightall*

— Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan) September 17, 2012

This May have just ignited a Disney-Nickelodeon Battle. Bring Back TGIF for the win Motherfuckers.

When all is said and done I think i’d still rather bang Lohan out of the two of them.

How about you?

Rhi Rhi and Chris Brown back together again??

Sooooo apparently Rihanna and Chris Brown will be performing together at this years upcoming MTV Video Music Awards??  So if I have this right, Rihanna initially wanted to send a message to her fans, especially young females, that you need to speak up and get away from an abusive relationship.  She failed to mention that after 4 years its ok to forgive them and get back together with them.  To all you woman beaters out there…dont give up the good “fight” theres still hope for you yet!!!   Hey Rhi Rhi let me be the first to say I told you so.  I told you so…   Wister Miggles

Diamond Dave the DJ

The Man, The Myth, The Legend.

Okay, if you have not seen this guy flying through the internet today then get out of your cave and click around for 5 minutes. DJ Diamond Dave is redefining the game.

I cant even say enough about him Let his work speak for itself: Diamond Dave Promo Vid aka And1 Mix tape.


I can almost assure you the amount of Bridesmaids Diamond Dave is crushing is non ethical.