Obama; Wayy Out of Line.




If my angle is correct that’s face and arm over the sneeze guard.. Uhh thats the Kind of thing that starts revolts, wars, Viva La Resistance type shit. Its absolutely diabolical to think that you can basically E.T your finger in the Pico De Gallo… Benghazi is bad enough, but this shit is just DIABOLICAL!



PS Obama is such a double sour cream guy.

The Staircase to the World Cup is about as Reliable as Clint Dempseys Rap Career

Daily Mail– Clint Dempsey has revealed he is releasing a rap album after the World Cup.  Dempsey, who scored after 31 seconds in USA’s 2-1 win over Ghana on Monday, spent two weeks before the tournament recording a 13-track album in Los Angeles with the help of rappers and producers from his home town of Nacogdoches, Texas. The album will be called ‘The Redux’ and will be released under Dempsey’s rap name ‘Deuce’. ‘We just were having fun with it and it ended up being an album,’ Dempsey told the Wall Street Journal. 

Banging G’s, this is going to be great.. I have second hand embarrassment already because we all know the only G’s banging out of this world cup will be the Gringos who have to travel this staircase to hell: http://youtu.be/64b_5TfUjYQ I know Brazil is the ingenuity capital of the world but c’mon man those stairs are gonna go down faster than Jozy Altidores hamstring, Landon Donovan’s World Cup Hopes and simultaneously old “Dueces” rap career.



This Guy Packed a Football Full of Drugs to Throw over a Prison Fence….Buutt He Couldn’t Throw It Far Enough.


JACKSON, MI – A Detroit man who police believe attempted to throw a football containing drugs and cell phones to inmates over a fence at a Jackson prison Sunday, June 15, has been arraigned on three charges. Christen Deon-Sterling Moore, 22, was arraigned in front of Jackson County District Judge Joseph Filip on Tuesday, June 17, on two counts of furnishing contraband to a prisoner in prison and one count of furnishing a cell phone to a prisoner. Michigan State Police Detective Trooper Toby Baker said Moore was seen throwing a football over a fence at the G. Robert Cotton Correctional Facility on Sunday morning by Michigan Department of Corrections officers. The football landed between two rows of fences and did not reach any inmates




Bow wow, you should have remembered your jordans bro:

We all know this kid, every sport every ball..For example, playing a little stick ball in the tennis courts growing up; someone cranks the ball over the fence.. one dude runs out to get it and tries to strong arm it, off the top of the fence every time. Painful to watch, instead of the two second jog back into the tennis court this guy relives all of his fathers missteps in teaching him how to throw a fucking ball.. it’s a vicious circle.. hate to see it, love to see it type ordeal..


Great Reaction by this Reporter, Questionable Attire.

Heres the question, did this guy buy the bike jersey for this moment specifically, or is he the exact biker stereotype we all know and hate who clears the right lane and backs up traffic for 40 miles so he can feel the sick burn in his quads 4 days a week?

PS love the bro in the bandana getting rejected time and time again for high-fives..You can see the vegan cheeseburgers radiating off of him.

Wow! 5 Friends Take The Same Picture For 30 Years!

These 5 friends have taken the same picture for the past 30 years on their annual lake trip! Oh wait; they’ve taken it every 5 years for the past 30? Ohh so you mean they’ve only made it out to the lake 6 times in 30 years?

“Man, what happened? We used to go every summer! Man oh man, times they are a changing.”

Nevertheless pretty impressive! I wonder if the two guys on the left have  looked like serial killers 30 years ago too!


Kid Finds Parents’ $4100 Life Savings… Spends It On Candy.

A 9-year-old Ukrainian boy spent nearly $4,000 on candy in several days, the money coming from his parents’ savings hidden in a couch, he recieved help from an older mentally challenged guy to convert the money. The older guy always got a tip. 

Are you shitting me buddy? We have people throwing acid in kids eyes for looking at boys and this little mother fucker eats 4,000 dollars worth of candy and gets a slap on the wrist?  I would have a beheading video out by now. Hey Little Timmy its fasting Friday, Get in the hole.

But, on this kids side of things; who hides $4,000 dollars in the fucking couch?

Peyton, Papa Johns and Weed.

NESN – Throughout his career, Manning has been one of the most-endorsed athletes in sports, not only lending his name to products but also proving he’s an adept actor. So, in his continuing effort to set up his life post-football, the Super Bowl champion announced that he bought 21 Papa John’s pizza franchises in the Denver area Friday, according to The Associated Press.

Peyton Manning, The Don of Denver will be killing it with his newest investment as Colorado legalizes pot just a week after he brings Papa Johns to the house.

Call papa bear … hut hut

David’s Pizza Commercial

This video is all over the place today. Breaking it down:  How long has this guy held onto this pizza commercial idea? A 40+ David, Brady Bunch-esque feature squares along with a straight out of 1993 Boyz II Men button down shirt leads me to believe David has had this one in the queue for quite sometime now.. But I get it, It is so hard to say goodbye to yesterday David.. Nice Work.


needless to say, he killed this video.

P.S yes I called that number.

PPS – Doesn’t this guy look like a black version of Andre from the league?

Fun – We Are Young – Remix

Allll Kinnndddssss of second hand embarrassment flowing through my body right now.

You know, just when I thought I had had enough of this song.. Ole floppy tits comes in and lays down a fresh rendition of Fun’s hit single.

At 2:01 I was hoping for a pothole to end this thing.

C’mon kid, If you’re going to videotape yourself singing a song at least take some notes from the Don:

How To Rip Off a Ticket Scalper

Wow! Using this one, these guys killed it. Great Idea.

Top 10 Ways To Smash A Pumpkin

Well Halloween is over. Which means, you have a shit ton of pumpkins on your doorstep, staircase, neighbors doorsteps… anyway you have a lot of pumpkins you need to get rid of.. Well here are the top 10 ways to smash a pumpkin:


Whoops, They forgot the number 1 way: