Tebow Email Leaked!!

As seen on Grantland.com this is hilarious. Touché. Well done.

Maryland, Lets Just Sit This Season Out.

Yahoo – Maryland‘s string of bad luck with its quarterbacks continued this weekend, as the Terps lost their fourth starting quarterback to injury, meaning a freshman linebacker is likely to be Maryland’s starting quarterback this week.

Edsall apparently will turn to freshman linebacker Shawn Petty, who was an option quarterback in high school but was recruited as a defensive player.

Now I finally have a reason to watch  Maryland Football!! . We here at the Jar love a good underdog story, so I’m  defintely rooting for this kid, but the way this season is going he’s 100% looking at a season/career ending injury.

If I were him I would throw a pick on purpose every once in a while and then light the kid up….Just to remind everyone what he’s really good at.

College Kickoff: Why State Will Beat Tennessee

State is starting this season with an experienced group of athletes. 6’6 230 lb Glennon is back with a vengence. He wants to go to the show and he is good enough to get there. He will be a premier QB in college football this year. Tennessee is long out of the SEC title race, they have a sub par defense which has undergone so many changes and lack team chemistry. Although State has younger under experienced line backers the boys up front can hold their own. There is a lot to prove for both sides but state will pull it out.

Or you can listen to this kid:

Judging by the wall decals he is a legitimate fan.