Turtles Fighting or Something.


Most people are saying these turtles are “fighting”? I am pretty sure this turtle was pulling one of these moves:


You Never Go Full Mexican. C’mon Mitt.

Great answers by Mitt but hilarious face paint! Not in the clip Mitt finishes interview with a “VIVA LA MEXICO”

Huffington Post – Mitt Romney appeared on UnivisionWednesday alongside Jorge Ramos and Maria Elena Salinas, but something was a little peculiar about his appearance — his skin tone. Looking back at the hundreds of photos logging his every moment on the campaign trail, the Republican presidential nominee is usually not so shockingly tan.

While his orangey-brown appearance on Univision could have been the result of bad lighting or a makeup mishap, left-wing blog the Democratic Underground concluded that Romney “dyed his facebrown for his Univision interview.”

First off, this is absolutely amazing. If Mitt dyed his skin to appear on Latino TV I give him an extra thumbs up and hes got my vote.  I mean how can you not vote for a guy with that kind of dedication.  It is also rumored Mitt illegally crossed the border for  the interview.