David’s Pizza Commercial

This video is all over the place today. Breaking it down:  How long has this guy held onto this pizza commercial idea? A 40+ David, Brady Bunch-esque feature squares along with a straight out of 1993 Boyz II Men button down shirt leads me to believe David has had this one in the queue for quite sometime now.. But I get it, It is so hard to say goodbye to yesterday David.. Nice Work.


needless to say, he killed this video.

P.S yes I called that number.

PPS – Doesn’t this guy look like a black version of Andre from the league?

Hurricane Sandy Live Coverage

How many times in the past few days has John Travolta been singing this song while banging his Airplane Pilot Man Mistress?

Drake Graduates! High School?

DM – He’s sold over 5million albums and his latest tour took more than $42million.

But for rapper Drake none of that compares to his pride at graduating from high school.

The 25-year-old finally gained his diploma on Wednesday, ten years after leaving school at just 15 in search of stardom.

He tweeted to fans: ‘One of the greatest feelings in my entire life. As of tonight I have graduated high school!’

I guess he just wants to be, he just wants to be successfullllll.

This goes to show you do not need high school to make it in life.  Any high school kids reading this should drop out now and rap.

This has been a public service announcement from the Jar.

Lady Gets Dropped By Cop.. Deserved It.

I’m never one to  condone hitting a woman, but this lady deserved every bit of this… jumping around like a wild animal spraying shit at cops… who cares if its just silly string you don’t do that. She deserved to get hit. If a cop did that to her and it was just Silly String she would have gone all ‘Boricua’ on his ass. But lets face it, you think that’s the first time she’s been hit by a dude?


PS what alien language are these narrators using?

Friday Afternoon Surfing to Break Your Lull

I guess im on a surfing kick today.. but  oh well. Bringing Back Donavon Frankenreiter.. Solid Song and Video to Take us into the weekend. Football Beer and whatever else all of you heathens do.. Enjoy this: 

This Exact Scenario Happened To Me

So today I’m grabbing my coffee heading to work, pulling out of the parking lot and slim thug comes on. 

I haven’t heard this song since nine deuce. I’m pulling out of Starbucks so I feel pretty safe you know? I start getting into it.. I’m all “they dont make to many niggas like me” throwin hand motions and i’m sure my facial expressions were on point… as I edge out I  look to my left to check for traffic and what do I see a few gangster brother straight staring at me. so I freeze drop my  iphone place my coffee in the cup holder and  roll em up, so seamlessly. and as I watch this clip im just dying thinking about how exact this scenario played out.

This is the scenario: 


Justin Love Dropping Some Wednesday Heat on us.

Just to get your humpday poppin off, Justin Love dropping a banger on us.  

It could have been the crystal meth, just a guess. When you fell in love.

Those hood rats rocked it, which one do you think j.love wrote those lyrics about?

p.s –  j.love expressed  in a statement to the press he was also the man behind the xylophone on this track..

for all you heathens this is a xylophone:

Rhi Rhi and Chris Brown back together again??

Sooooo apparently Rihanna and Chris Brown will be performing together at this years upcoming MTV Video Music Awards??  So if I have this right, Rihanna initially wanted to send a message to her fans, especially young females, that you need to speak up and get away from an abusive relationship.  She failed to mention that after 4 years its ok to forgive them and get back together with them.  To all you woman beaters out there…dont give up the good “fight” theres still hope for you yet!!!   Hey Rhi Rhi let me be the first to say I told you so.  I told you so…   Wister Miggles

Diamond Dave the DJ

The Man, The Myth, The Legend.

Okay, if you have not seen this guy flying through the internet today then get out of your cave and click around for 5 minutes. DJ Diamond Dave is redefining the game.

I cant even say enough about him Let his work speak for itself: Diamond Dave Promo Vid aka And1 Mix tape.


I can almost assure you the amount of Bridesmaids Diamond Dave is crushing is non ethical.