Lady Dumped by Her Husband Of 10 Years… Via Text

DM – A woman has revealed how she was dumped by her husband of ten years via a text message.

When Lisa Arends received a text from the man she had loved for over 16 years, saying: ‘I’m sorry to be such a coward to be leaving you this way, but I’m leaving you and I’m leaving the state,’ she was understandably confused.

But when she found out he had married another woman six days later, the New York resident set out to have her bigamist husband thrown in jail.

Boston Bruins Welcome Back Milan Lucic

For the first time since he has been traded, Milan Lucic appeared at The Garden.  After reading his Players Tribune article, it makes sense that the move was necessary, it makes sense that during his last year with the bruins, Lucic wasn’t playing his game. I am happy to see the successes he is having in LA but damn if he’s not missed in the city of Boston. Lucic was Boston hockey, he brought back memories of old Boston hockey and the guys who played the game hard and fast. The Bruins lost a little identity when they lost Lucic and Thornton and they are both greatly remembered by the city of Boston.




Will Ferrell Will Bite Every German If He Has To.

Will Ferrell saying he will bite every German player if he has to and booing the kid wearing the Miami Heat jersey is exactly why Will Ferrell will always be one of my favorite actors. However I will say Teddy Goalsevelt needs to step his performance up a little.

How Punch Drunk is @riddickbowe

Cant believe the news that came out of the closet. He the first openly gay player. Congrats partner I support you. Bowe

Also, if I were Riddick Bowe, I would change my twitter name to Riddickulousness.. way better ring to it than Riddick Bowe. @riddickbowe

Looks Like We’ll Be Watching The Blackhawks and Capitals In Next Years Winter Classic

Looks like it will be Chicago heading to Washington to play the Caps in the Winter Classic… the leading Venue is Nationals Park which would be unreal… I can’t wait to see the Caps get shitstomped to kick off the new year!″>June 20, 2014

Matt Joyce Hits A Ball Directly Into The Pitching Machine.

This is a feat I’ve been trying to accomplish since I was like 4 and would go to the batting cages.. Never happened. And now that i’ve seen it done its not that exciting. I was thinking like an explosion or the machine starts firing balls all over the place but nope just reloads it and tosses another strike.. Still cool though.. very anticlimactic… but cool.


Brad Ausmus, Casually Beats His Wife.

Brad Ausmus seems like a likable dude, he makes a quick joke in the press conference which I laughed at.. obviously this guy isn’t at home beating his wife and I can understand for some that’s a tough break or subject but c’mon with all these people already freaking out  and up in arms saying how terrible Brad Ausmus is and how bad it is to say that blah blah blah..obviously the guy is making a joke, Society is so soft these days.


He respectfully apologized for the comment Here


Lady Leaves Dog in Her Hot Car For an Hour, Coincidentally She is The Biggest Trash Bag of All Time.

What a voice on this lady, like nails on a chalkboard.. only way to make this video enjoyable would be a swift hay maker to the face from ol’ walmart Bob.

Brock Holt, Does Everything.

What can’t this guy do? No doubt in my mind he walks around the clubhouse with the baby arm hanging out.. guys call him “Cock Holt”, and “Holt Forty Five” to name a few.

Here he is bailing out Gomes last night:

Heres a few more for your viewing pleasure

Fan Reactions to USA Game Winner.

Even if you’ve not once played the sport, don’t know the game, the Red White and Blue take it to another level.. its no longer sport its country and if there’s anything I can get behind it’s sure as hell the ol U S of A. Fly those stars and stripes boys we’re coming for you Portugal.




72 year old Hunter, survives 19 days in Wild.

Sf Gate Gene Penaflor woke up facedown and bloody in a remote canyon in Mendocino National Forest. Even worse, he was lost.
It was a situation that the 72-year-old San Francisco man couldn’t have anticipated when he went hunting last month with a buddy. But it was one that he was uniquely prepared for, his friends and family said Monday.

Alright first off, this guy is 72; fragility after 60 is through the roof. this guy fell, got knocked out and still survived with just a rifle for 19 days. 19 days? That is a long fuckin’ time to be trapped in the woods. I know people that you could pack a lunchbox for and a set them a tent with a nice fire and they’d be dead in 3 hours in the wild.

If it were me I’d be wearing a bison skin suit 35 minutes in, going lord of the flies on those woods. I know how this shit works, especially with a rifle “you drew first blood” bitches. I wouldn’t even want them to rescue me, start a new colony right there in the woods I mean shit at 19 days id be like fuck you guys I haven’t seen any rescue teams clearly they’re not trying hard enough.

This guy had bullets left over, how badass is that. Yeah I only had to take like 3 shots in those 19 days clipped a bobcat finished it off with my hands. Think this guys too old for a bullet necklace? Think again.

It’s your world gene, we’re just living in it.

Tommy Tuberville Bitch Slapping His Assistant

Tommy T does not fuck around.. This is all over the internet.. so lawsuit and fine to Tommy are inevitable. This kid just tucks it back and walks away, You are already a grad  assistant bro, cant go much lower than that. Swing away Tommy swing away.

Halloween BYU Football Player Brawl… Great Footage

2nd view:

Wow, thats just Mormons being mormons I guess.. BYU