This Guy Packed a Football Full of Drugs to Throw over a Prison Fence….Buutt He Couldn’t Throw It Far Enough.


JACKSON, MI – A Detroit man who police believe attempted to throw a football containing drugs and cell phones to inmates over a fence at a Jackson prison Sunday, June 15, has been arraigned on three charges. Christen Deon-Sterling Moore, 22, was arraigned in front of Jackson County District Judge Joseph Filip on Tuesday, June 17, on two counts of furnishing contraband to a prisoner in prison and one count of furnishing a cell phone to a prisoner. Michigan State Police Detective Trooper Toby Baker said Moore was seen throwing a football over a fence at the G. Robert Cotton Correctional Facility on Sunday morning by Michigan Department of Corrections officers. The football landed between two rows of fences and did not reach any inmates




Bow wow, you should have remembered your jordans bro:

We all know this kid, every sport every ball..For example, playing a little stick ball in the tennis courts growing up; someone cranks the ball over the fence.. one dude runs out to get it and tries to strong arm it, off the top of the fence every time. Painful to watch, instead of the two second jog back into the tennis court this guy relives all of his fathers missteps in teaching him how to throw a fucking ball.. it’s a vicious circle.. hate to see it, love to see it type ordeal..


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