Tebow Email Leaked!!

As seen on Grantland.com this is hilarious. Touché. Well done.

Tebow Tied Down

TMZ – Tim Tebow has finally scored — problem is, it’s off the field — because TMZ got the first pic showing Tim with his hot new girlfriend/actress, who is no stranger to famous virgins.

Tim and Camilla Belle showed up at Latitude 30 in Jacksonville, Florida Tuesday night, where they bowled and partied.

Uh oh expect wedding bells in the near future. From Jonas Brother to Tebow, Camilla belle is known for stripping V-Cards.   As we all know Timmy wont hit it til its legit. How much better of a QB will Tebow be after he bangs his new girlfriend… Rex Ryan put her up to this or what?


Tim Tebow named most overrated player by his peers

In a survey conducted by Sports Illustrated, in which 180 NFL players responded, Tim Tebow was rated the most overrated player in the NFL… by his CO-WORKERS.

Here’s the thing, you have to be considered good by a majority to qualify as “overrated.”  It’s no secret that this back up “QB” wannabe, $2 million a year decoy, stinks. You can talk to the most devout Jets fan or any football purest and they will tell you the same thing.   Listen, he’s great as a decoy, he works hard and can chime in here and there as a bruising wildcat option, but again to be considered overrated people have to think you are good at something, i.e the QB position, which he is clearly not.

What I doooo think is, his co-workers are sick of hearing about him as he is relevant to the game or the Jets.  This definitely is not a case of being overrated, but more of a case of baseless media exposure that people are fed up with, (the Kim Kardashian affect if you will).  I don’t think Danica Patrick or Anna Kournikova were ever considered overrated, hot and overexposed, but never overrated.  No one ever made the mistake of considering them good or relevant to their respective sports.

Michael Vick on the other hand is overrated AND overexposed. He gets a ton of media coverage for his misgivings and his “talents,” both of which are completely undeserving.  This is a guy considered by many (once myself) as the most dangerous guy on the football field with the ball in his hands.  Oh he’s dangerous alright, not just to dogs anymore, but he’s moved on to torchering eagles as well.  Michael Vick is a classic case of someone past his prime, still considered by many to be good and he truly isn’t anymore, which in turn makes him completely overrated.

Professor Miggles

Terrell Owens To Jets: ‘I’m Available!’; Rex Won’t Rule Out Veteran

So this broke ass 40 something is still at it.  This guy has burned every bridge imaginable in the NFL and even been cut by the “Allen Wranglers” an arena football league, yet he still thinks he has a shot.  Not to mention IF he had some ability left, he drops balls like its his job, which his job is to really catch…you get it.   If the Jets entertain this even for one second (which it looks like the might) they are more of a joke than we thought.

TO Tweeted:

“Hey JETS!!! I’m available! I’m ready, willing & able!” T.O. wrote. “Call my agent @jordanwoy & let’s make it happen.” 

Let me de-code that for everyone “I spent all my money like and idiot and I need a job!”

This just shows the state of the Jets and how truly stupid Rex Ryan is.  When asked if he would be interested in bringing back veteran Plaxico Burress,  Rex  said the Jets were looking “for guys maybe a little younger and a little more speed.” Burress is 35 years old. Owens will turn 39 in December.  Yet later on when asked about the possibilities of bringing TO on Sexy Rexy responded with, “You never say never, will look at all options.” Did you even listen to what you just said moron?!

Anyway Jets stink, Rex is an idiot, and one more celebrity athlete is broke looking for a job.  So nothings really changed in the NFL today.


Tebow Tweets 666

Tim Tebow thought it was a good idea to tweet this….

“Looking forward to giving God all the glory in tonight’s 666th Monday Night Football game. Romans 8:37-39”

Hey Timmy why don’t you tweet the almighty and ask him for an arm and pocket awareness before you talk shit to the devil about tonights game.  Just sayin…


Tebow Gets Lifetime Membership to Museum of Sex

Huffington Post – When asked during a recent interviewwhat he does for fun during a free day in Manhattan, Tim Tebow mentioned attending Broadway shows.

“I’ve seen “Wicked” and “Rock of Ages,” and I liked both of them,” the Jets’ back-up quarterback told ESPN New York. “‘Wicked’ was my favorite.”

Absolutely hilarious that people are just relentless on this Tebow not having sex thing, Museum of Sex  getting in on it now. Its not like he helps his case when he says shit like I just roam Broadway  in my free time ‘I love wicked’! . The more I read Tebow quotes and see interviews the more I believe he is living the movie Jack with Robin Williams, is Tebow really like an 8 year old athletic phenom or is he full retard and just has professional capabilities? I don’t get it i never will.

Tebow induction letter: