Wow! 5 Friends Take The Same Picture For 30 Years!

These 5 friends have taken the same picture for the past 30 years on their annual lake trip! Oh wait; they’ve taken it every 5 years for the past 30? Ohh so you mean they’ve only made it out to the lake 6 times in 30 years?

“Man, what happened? We used to go every summer! Man oh man, times they are a changing.”

Nevertheless pretty impressive! I wonder if the two guys on the left have  looked like serial killers 30 years ago too!


This Would Be The EXACT Moment I Quit Karate.

“Nope…Nope… Fuck this, Fuck you guys, I’m out of here”  I would get up throw my gloves and helmet (or whatever the fuck that thing is) and I would be out of that gymnasium for life.

P.S.There is a 100% chance that guy pronounces “Karate” as KahRahTay

Caveman In El Paso Update

So I guess there is this “caveman” who is actually just a bum living in ruins in El Paso just roaming naked and scaring away hikers. He has been

UPDATE: Turns out the ‘Naked Caveman’  has been living off of proceeds from selling his blood. He has a cell phone and an opinion.. He labels Romney and Obama as: ” White Bush and Black Bush” also saying tons of people live up on that rock, they go there to barbecue and camp out.. Rock on Naked Cave Man, rock on.


“I just took a test this morning… yeah at the free clinic for hepatitis, I kicked ass too I got an A two B’s and a C. but don’t tell the 6th street blood bank.  Hey hows this for a short story; a guy can’t sell his blood cause he’s got hepatitis but he cant afford hepatitis medicine unless he sells his blood… so he poses nude in art classes.” – Terrance Maddox


Random Monday Thought: 5 TV Shows I Wish Would Come Back Exactly How They Were.

They Just Don’t Make Television programs like they used to.


1. Baywatch


2. Saved By The Bell


3. Boy Meets World


4. Step By Step 


5. Full House


Bonus: The OC (Dont Judge ME.)


If these intros don’t touch you… you’re a sicko.