The former mayor, lawyer, finance director and realtor named as ‘clients’ of ‘Zumba Prostitute’

Daily Mail – A former mayor, a high-powered attorney, a real estate mogul and a financier have all been accused by police of being clients of a Zumba instructor turned alleged prostitute in a scandal that has rocked a small Maine town.

Justice Thomas Warren at first only allowed the release of the first and last names of clients accused of paying Alexis Wright, 29, a Zumba dance teacher facing 106 counts of prostitution and accused of running a brothel out of her studio. 

But the decision caused a ‘witch hunt’ of suspicion and paranoia among the 10,000 residents of Kennebunk, with some men being wrongly accused and the judge was forced to reveal the full names, addresses and ages of the men.

One of the accused is the married former mayor of South Portland James Soule, 58. When confronted with the public humiliation, his lawyer said: ‘He obviously feels terribly about this. The biggest impact of this is on his family and his friends. That’s truly the most dreadful situation.’

I’m big on risk/reward so lets talk this one out.

  • Risk – Lose job, public humiliation, lose family, go broke, have to move, live alone, eventual ending of it all.
  • Reward – Banging a 6 at best in the back room of a Zumba studio.  Way to think this one through you creepy old bastards.
Detective Miggles
Gary Bahlkow
James 'Jim' Soule

Named: Realtor Gary Bahlkow, 57, (Top) and former mayor James Soule, 58, have been identified by the judge

Jens Bergen
Joe Cuetara

Claim: Attorney Jens Bergen, 54, (Top) and financier Joe Cuetara, 63, were also accused of using a prostitute

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Zumba scandal: Fitness instructor charged for prostitution ring in studio

Webpronews – 29-year old fitness instructor Alexis Wright has been arrested and charged with running a prostitution ring inside her Zumba dance studio in Kennebunk, Maine, and while the news has shocked the small town, even more surprising is the revelation that many of the encounters were secretly videotaped, and that more than a hundred people were involved. Now, the town is waiting to hear the names of the men who frequented the studio.

Wright allegedly received attention from police after a blog post accused her of being a prostitute. The landlord of the dance studio says he is owed thousands in rent and has received complaints from customers who claimed to hear “moaning and groaning” coming from Wright’s office.

This gives a wholllle new meaning to the forbidden dance.  Ok that was stupid, but seriously I think a bigger read flag than the “moaning and groaning” would be how many men were apparently taking “Zumba” classes.

Wr. Miggs