Map shows racist tweets by state following Obama’s re-election

DM – Map shows how concentration of racist tweets about Obama were from heavily Republican states of Mississippi and Louisiana.

Damnnnn dirty dirty why you be hatin?  Still mad about that civil war thing?  :/

Remind me to turn down my rap music if I ever drive through Mississippi for realssss.  No seriously Tweet it to me @masonjarsports   I know, I know we have Twitter….do as I say not as I do  😐

On a brighter note it looks as if Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and South Dakota either dont use Twitter or are judgement free zones.  Either way I just got a new found appreciation for those absolutely meaningless states.

MC Icey Miggs



I Can’t Believe Delonte West Got Released!

Said no one ever..

Dallas – The Dallas Mavericks have waived guard Delonte West after suspending him twice in less than two weeks for conduct detrimental to the team.

West, who has bipolar disorder, indicated in a series of tweets after the second suspension that his future in Dallas was in doubt. He was a valuable role player for the Mavericks last year and figured to play a similar role this year before a pair of locker room incidents during the preseason.

Valuable my nuts.  This guy was a thorn in the side of any team he played with and any teammates mother he knew.  Not even sure that makes sense, but you get it.  Peace D West!