Tom Brady Hate Him or Love Him…

This is Tommy today enjoying his bye week with Geeky glasses and a a coat with no shirt on underneath?

Geeky glasses again?  Lets leave this to the guys in the NBA and Kanye West Tom.

Not even sure what is going on here…

I cant…

Who’s a good puppy?!? The dog seems to be doing well too. ūüėź

I guess even the best of them get whipped. ¬†Ok, its completely obvious I am one hundred and fifty million percent jealous, but I meannnnn he can man it up a little….just a little.

Macho Macho Miggles

Top Fantasy Players For Week Four

Top Quarterbacks: 

RG3 (Redskins) РUntil he gets injured (knock on wood)  he is going to continue to produce, hes been a solid fantasy player and dont expect anything different this week.. Start him.

Aaron Rodgers (Packers) – He’s pissed, he had an awful game last week,¬†they’re¬†coming back with¬†aggression¬†this week and its all going to fall on New Orleans.

Tom Brady (Patriots) РBuffalo has bent over all season when it comes to passing defense. Expect the same if not worse this weekend. 

Sleeper: Fitzpatrick (Bills) – ¬†The Patriots have let up some big yards in the passing game this season so¬†don’t¬†be surprised to see¬†Fitzpatrick’s¬†numbers leap this week.

Top Running Backs:

Marshawn Lynch (Seahawks) – This dude is nicknamed “Beast Mode” and hes going to go that on the Rams this weekend. just the way the cookie crumbles.. start him

Maurice Jones Drew (Jaguars) – One MJD is back, two hes playing the bengals boom start him.

Ray Rice (Ravens) – ¬†Rice is known to crush the Browns, and its at home… enough said.¬†

Sleeper: Frank Gore (49ers) – He¬†hasn’t¬†had a great start but hes playing the Jets who are like a hotdog in a hallway when it comes to RB’s this year.

Top Wide Recievers:     

Demaryius Thomas (Broncos) РThomas is going hard hes a physical WR, hes going to put up numbers especially against  suffering Oakland defensive backs.

Calvin Johnson (Lions) – Although uncertain which QB will be starting, Megatron will certainly shine against this Vikings D.

Roddy White (Falcons) – ¬†Roddy is going up against an already lagging Carolina defense. expect a W for the falcons and some big points for Ryan’s main man Roddy White.

Sleeper: Percy Harvin (Vikings) – I think both sides rack up fantasy points but Vikings pull out the W. Percy Harvin is a go to against the lions and he’ll dominate his match up. Start him.

TopTight Ends:     

Rob Gronkowski (Patriots) – “Gronk love play Buffalo” he always dominates, he finds the endzone wide open and he will continue that.

Tony Gonzalez (Falcons) –¬†Same reasons as Roddy White (above) Carolina cant contain. and the falcons will exploit that… Start him

Top Defense:

Arizona Cardinals Theyre playing the Dolphins and their Defense goes oh so hard. Start em

Dallas Cowboys –¬†Theyre facing the bears, that should sum it up.. Ware is going hard in the paint… Start em.

Top Kickers:

Jay Feely (Cardinals) – Playing the Dolphins this week, think there is going to be a lot of field goal tries, hes good for all of em… start him.¬†

Robbie Gould (Bears) – This squad is going to be kicking a lot. Cutler can’t get it in the end zone and Ware is going to stop the run game, they will rely on FG’s. Start him.


And those are your Mason Jar week 4 Fantasy picks..don’t feel like you have to listen to me..this is suggestion, but¬†don’t¬†be mad when I say I fuckin told you so.


Projected: Top 5 Fantasy Player of the week. Week 1.


Set your rosters cause Cam Newton is coming in hot. The panthers open up their season against the¬†Buccaneers¬†and you better believe Cam is putting up points in the ¬†high 20’s. I am going to say on average between most leagues 27.5, He is going to bring it down on that Bucs D.

Cam is followed by

#2 Aaron Rodgers

#3 Lesean McCoy

#4 Tom Brady

#5 Phillip Rivers