Guy Goes Salmon Fishing With Rifle.. How Could That End Badly?

DM –  It sounds like an unorthodox way to fish but a Thurston County, Washington man says he managed to shoot himself in the head by accident with a .22-caliber rifle while trying to catch salmon.

According to a sheriff’s report, the man told deputies he fired a shot into the Deschutes River on Sunday afternoon but the bullet ricocheted off a rock and hit him in the forehead. 

Startled by the rebound, when he scratched the spot with his finger, the Olympia man says the bullet dropped out the hole in his head and into the river.

Unorthodox is an understatement… who the fuck fishes with a rifle. Use a rod, use a net,use a  stick, hell use your bare hands.  Guys fishing for salmon not fucking silver back gorillas on the coast of Malawi. That bullet smacking you in the head was god saying bro use your head you don’t fish for salmon with a .22-caliber rifle.

20 bucks says guy got in a fight with his wife and went into the woods to end it… couldn’t do it so he fired off a few rounds into a tree in a fit of rage and one ricocheted back at him.. who the fuck hits a tree when you’re aiming for water.. if you do you probably shouldn’t be fishing with a gun.

Refs Are Back

DM  – The NFL has ended its labor dispute with the referee’s union, agreeing to a deal that will have experienced officials back on the field on Thursday night.

The tentative agreement comes two days after a massive fan and player uproar over a botched call that decided the outcome of a game on Monday night.

The stalemate, which saw the NFL’s referees locked out since the beginning for the pre-season, had been whittled down to disagreements over ‘a little money.’

Fuck, am I the only guy here who is going to miss these replacement refs? I mean I love the NFL but these guys have single handedly turned it gong show. and I’m loving every second of it. Hits are bigger, almost anything goes and the game is always up for grabs, I’ll take it any day. Oh well, welcome back hoch.


I asked Ed Hochuli how many curls he’s been doing: “As soon as I heard the rumors today, I got down on the floor and started doing pushups.”

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