I Think Everyone Has Felt This Way About Time Warner Cable at Some Point

DM – He’s battled the forces of evil in X-Men, explored the deepest regions of space in Star Trek, and has even been knighted for his achievements in acting.

But there’s one thing Sir Patrick Stewart could not do – deal with the local cable company.

The British actor spent a harrowing 36 hours waiting for cable empire Time Warner to come to his $2million home in Brooklyn, only to tweet that the experience made him lose ‘the will to live.’
I could say a billion things about Time Warner Cable but I don’t want to give them that. What I will say is:  What the fuck is this creepy star trek guy doing in a ball pit? Chuck E Cheese is closed to guys like you.   Secondly, cmon bro… will to live? don’t go all Dead Poets Society on us, shit happens its cable and internet log into your apple iPhone hit up your 4g network and download a couple apps. Isn’t there something you could do in that 2 million dollar house of yours?