Doing what australia does best:

This guy dressed as a kangaroo absolutely lost it.. put anotha shrimp on the bahhbie cause this game is over.


Sergio Romos Controversial Shirt?

Yahoo –  Romo was born to two parents who were originally from Mexico and raised in tiny Brawley, Calif., a town about 20 miles north of the border. Brawley has produced three major leaguers with Rudy Seanez and Sid Monge being the other two.

Romo’s black-and-white t-shirt contained just four simple words but they formed an important message about stereotyping, perception and acceptance.

You wanna dress and look like a vato gang banger from LA go right ahead, its your right….butttt dont complain when you hear these “four simple words” LICENSE AND REGISTRATION PLEASE.




67 Yard Field Goal… and a beauty.

Kid is a regular Jay Feely. Try one from the end zone next time showoff.

Rate This Soccer Goal.

I’m not a huge fan of soccer, but this was impressive.  Thierry Henry hooks one in from the corner.

Thierry Henry bangs one off the woodwork and in from the corner. At least that’s what the announcer said.

Bend it like Henry bro.