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2012 Olympic Team vs. “The Dream Team

This has been up for debate for some time now.  I actually hate debating things that cannot technically be proven, but this one was just too juicy to leave alone, especially since many of the people are leaning on the wrong side of the debate.  Lets start with “The Dream Team”; Of course Michael Jordan is everyone’s first point in their debate.  I get he changed the sport, I get he was ahead of his time, what people seem to forget though that just like humans, sports evolve.  Yes he evolved faster than some back then, but as you can see today the sport has changed.  Lets just say if a 6 ft 9’ 275 lb Lebron James was playing back in 1992 he would have been head and shoulders (literally) above Michael Jordan.  The next point “Dream Teamers” like to bring up is the height difference and the discrepancy in big men.  I agree this could be an issue for the 2012 team to overcome, but tell me how “The Dream Team” with all its height are gonna guard a 7ft guard the likes of Kevin Durant?   “Dream Team” loyalists like to bring up Magic and Bird.  This one’s easy for me, Magic was in his 2nd year of his “HIV” and Bird could barely stand cause of his back issues.  Finally, “Dream Teamers” love pointing out their margin of victory.  This one is so warped as the world was just catching on to the sport at the time and weren’t nearly at the level they are at now.  At no point did “The Dream Team” play the likes of  Manu Ginobli and Serge Ibaka.  The bottom line, like I referred to earlier, is the sport and humans have evolved.  You take the best defender Scottie Pippen and put him on Lebron, that still leaves Kobe, Durant, Westbrook, Anthony, Paul, and on and on, all of which are faster and stronger than their counterparts on “The Dream Team”.  2012 Olympic win a close hard fought game, but the 92’ boys are just no match for the speed, power and athleticism of what the world has to offer today.

2012 Olympic Team 112 – “Dream Team 98

Oh and Mike Tyson beats Muhammad Ali 10 times out of 10.

Wister Miggles