Win us a Championship and We’ll Riot!

Smile, moron! You’ve just become one of the most wanted men on the Internet!

San Francisco police are hoping that someone will be able to identify this idiot or some of the people standing around him as he smashed a giant barricade through a SF Muni bus window. The incident happened late Sunday night after the San Francisco Giants clinched their second World Series title in three seasons and triggered the eventual burning of the $1 million vehicle.madness.

Though 36 people were arrested in the celebrations — 23 for felonies — Muni spokesman Paul Rose says none of them have yet been for this incident. The bus originally cost $700,000 and was recently renovated for $300,000 more.

Never understood how so many “happy” people, turn so angry so fast.  A basketball player has a monster dunk over someone then turns to the crowd and yells “MOTHER FUCKERRRR!!! WHAT SON?!?!? WHAT!?!?! AHHHHHHH!”  Or in this case…hey your team has just won the World Series, congratualtions!!!!! “YAY!!! LETS  BURN THIS MOTHA FUCKIN CITY TO THE  GROUNNNNND …..AHHHHHH!”

Oh and most importantly – Those buses are a Million bucks?!?!

PS – The guy standing on top of the bus is amazing.

Commissioner Miggles