“Look at This Bitch Tryna Hydrate Us”

Is that former rap artist Sisqo on the right?

CBS –  FAIRVEW HEIGHTS, Ill. (KMOX) — Charges have now been filed against three Red Lobster customers who attacked a waitress at the Fairview Heights restaurant.

The three women, all from Belleville, are accused of throwing water on a female employee Friday afternoon, and striking her several times with their hands and a menu. The waitress refused treatment by ambulance crews.

The women were detained by restaurant employees before police arrived.

Charged with mob action and aggravated battery in a public place are: 21 year old Sharrell Evans, 22 year old Britley Green and 44 year old Geneen Green. Bail for each suspect was set at $50,000. They remain in custody at the Fairview Heights Police Department until arraignment.

A witness at the restaurant said the women were upset because the waitress was filling their water glasses too often.

In December, at the same Red Lobster in Fairview Heights, another waitress was attacked by four customers. She suffered lacerations. Ania Wilkes of Ferguson faces aggravated battery and mob action charges in that case.

First things first, if I am going to Red Lobster you can be damn sure the only thing I’m assaulting are those cheddar biscuits. Now if the staff doesn’t bring them out quick enough, all bets are off.

The fact that there have been two attacks in one year leads me to believe there’s a little more to this story. I havent visited a Red Lobster in years but I recall a family atmosphere not the waffle house at 2 am.

PS are we thinking different baby daddy for this 3rd girl or just a friend?