Philly wedding brawl caught on tape

The night every girl dreams of.  I love love.

(CBS) PHILADELPHIA – Police said a man died of a heart attack and three men were arrested amid a massive wedding brawl that broke out at a hotel early Sunday in downtown PhiladelphiaCBS Philly reports.

At least two separate wedding receptions got into a fight that began inside a Sheraton hotel in the Society Hill section of Philadelphia, police said. Dozens of people were involved. The brawl spilled out into the street and police were called in around 1:30 a.m.

Eyewitnesses told CBS Philly that the fight began in the lobby and escalated to the point where the cops requested a 3rd assist, which is an all-hands-on-deck call. The melee was caught on tape and posted to YouTube

Bron Bron Finally Got Hair Implants!


I mean it was totally getting to a point of no return as he was wearing a XXXL headband for the past two years.  Every time he got fouled and the play caused it to move he put that thing back in place faster than you can say Delonte West banged your mom.  I dont know if it was superstition and he wasnt touching a thing until he won a championship or what, but he’s back to having a full head of hair remarkably.  9 times out of 10, basketball players opt for the shaved look…in 2012 prissy Lebron went with hair implants.  Michael Jordan is rolling over in his luxury box.