San Francisco Wins The World Series… And No One Cares

Game 1 – Exciting, three homeruns by The karate knowing Panda!  Tom Hanks son is pumped!  This looks like its gonna be a fun series!!

Game 2 – Oh the Giants won 2 – 0?  I switched to Glee.

Game 3 – Giants win again.  I was watching football.

Game 4 – They played last night?


Pitching is great and all, but we need to get back to the McGwire, Bonds, Sosa days if baseball wants its audience back.



So, Pablo Sandoval Had a Big Game Last Night Huh?

Was that the “Hit Dawg” Mo Vaughn?

Talk about stepping up for your club,  This guy just whips out his baby arm and lets loose. 3 home runs in game 1. Way to set the tone Pablo, way to set the tone.

Just Pablo Being Pablo.