Jayson Werth With The One-Two Step Into Second Base

That dismount was Fabulouuuus!


Brad Ausmus, Casually Beats His Wife.

Brad Ausmus seems like a likable dude, he makes a quick joke in the press conference which I laughed at.. obviously this guy isn’t at home beating his wife and I can understand for some that’s a tough break or subject but c’mon with all these people already freaking out  and up in arms saying how terrible Brad Ausmus is and how bad it is to say that blah blah blah..obviously the guy is making a joke, Society is so soft these days.


He respectfully apologized for the comment Here


Carlton Fisk DUI

ESPNESPN – Hall of Fame catcher Carlton Fisk was charged with a DUI in New Lenox, Ill., on Monday after he was found unconscious behind the wheel of his vehicle, which was found in the middle of a corn field, according to New Lenox police.

“Around 7:20 (Monday) night, we received a couple of calls about a vehicle in a field,” Deputy Chief Bob Pawlisz said. “When officers went over there, they found Mr. Fisk unconscious behind the wheel.

This is amazing… Fisk, 7:00 pm on a Monday night. Take notes fellas apparently Carlton is a  hall of famer in more areas then one… absolutely phenomenal story… Like I have so many questions I want to ask him about this night.

Just dancing around his car doing this:  


Bobby Valentine Fired From Red Sox


Red Sox give Bobby V the boot. I got 2 words….Bout fuckin time, Ok 3. First 90 loss season in over 40 years? This should have happened a year ago.

I don’t hate Bobby V I really don’t, I mean Im pretty sure anyone who’s truly met him doesnt, he’s a quirky kind of funny, but that has no place in Boston sports. Boston people are fucking assholes (in a good kinda way), you’re loved, you’re hated, you’re loved, you’re hated, thennnnnn you’re fired… that’s how things go. Deal with it Mr. Stupidest Holiday Ever.

So with that I say PEACE Bobby V!

And take Dice K with you.

How Juice, Bonds, McGuire and Sosa changed Baseball as we know it forever


Barry Bonds entered Major League Baseball in 1986 at a minuscule 184 pounds.  He subsequently retired from baseball in 2007 at a whopping 240 pounds.  Not only did his weight sky rocket, his hat size even changed.  He was a 7 1/4 in 1986, his last year in the league his hat size was an 8!! Now you don’t have to be an expert on pretty much anything to know that if you gain 60 lbs and your hat size increases…somethings up.  Barry contends that “he didn’t knowingly take steroids” Even though he gained a 6th graders weight of pure muscle!?!?!  The worst part about all of this is the baseball community and its fans celebrated all of his and McGuire and Sosa’s triumphs.  My personal thought is,  the powers that be turned a purposeful blind eye to all of this, because of what this was doing for the sport.  Before all of this, ratings were down, profits were down and many teams were running in the red.  Juice the players juices the numbers juices the profits.  I truly think that Major League Baseball execs were pissed off that this became and issue and had to pretend they were doing something about it.  Only until recently have they made these testings mandatory and spontaneous.  When they did their first round of “clean up” they were announcing tests weeks in advance to the “random” player.

Bottom Line – Bonds juiced to the MAX.  McGuire juiced to the MAX.  Sammy Sosa juiced to the….I think you get.

Now you say well who cares it makes the games more exciting and they can do what they want to their bodies.  All of which I AGREE!!!  Lets send these monsters on the field and let shit get weird, I can guarantee ratings will go through the roof!!

There is the issue of allllll of the incredible baseball players of the past, Ruth, Aaron, May, Williams, Dimaggio.  All played by the “rules”  I say their records hold firm and we start a new book, cause if we mingle the records like we are its a complete and utter travesty.



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