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Joke gone wrong: Mr Seng had been unable to bore an air-hole in the thick cardboard

DM – A fun-loving boyfriend decided to surprise his partner by posting her an unusual present – himself.
But the joke went horribly wrong when the delivery was delayed and he almost suffocated to death.
Hu Seng, from Chongqing city, southern China, got a friend to tape him into a box, which he had paid a courier firm to deliver to his partner, Li Wang.

Should’ve got the oxygen add-on bro, 55 cents extra.

China just going hard in the paint, not even an anniversary or anything.. dude just almost killed himself and wouldn’t even punch a hole in the box as hes struggling for air. (didn’t want to ruin the surprise)  are you fucking kidding me.

The surprising thing to me is not that this dude tried to mail himself to his girlfriend as a joke, certainly not that he got lost in the mail and almost died.. but the fact that his buddy waited outside of the apartment for 3 hours. that’s dedication… after that first 45 minutes you could find me on the couch playing a little madden cause I have better things to do on my day off.
and apparently this guys girlfriend is: Lil Wang

solely based on pronunciation.