LA Cop Goes Triple H on Some Lady.

DM – A shocking video shows the moment two Los Angeles Police Department officers apparently grabbed a female motorist and bodyslammed her twice to the ground in a parking lot.

Michelle Jordan, a 34-year-old mother and registered nurse, sustained horrific bruising and cuts in the attack, which took place after she was pulled over for talking on her mobile phone.

The brutal arrest was captured by a surveillance camera after the officers followed her car into a Del Taco restaurant parking lot in the Tujunga area on August 11.



This guy clearly went on a Monday Night Raw marathon after his girlfriend broke up with him. Either that was a fist bump or he was tagging in his buddy. Either way time to hang up the degeneration X shirt heartbreak kid, Someones taking you to the thunderdome this weekend.

I rate this cops body slam a 3 1/2. Lets face it if your going to the show you go to the fucking show.

Lil Poser

You tell me real skaters don’t make fun of him behind his back?!?!  Im all for re-inventing yourself, but this bored multi millionaire is gone off the deep end.  Stick to what you do best bud and rap, leave the skating to the kids.

Your truly,

Wister Miggles

Song and Video of the day.

Kick off the weekend with this chill new song “Constant Conversations” from passion pit. Bound to be some solid remix’s of this one. The original is phenomenal though.

Ex Tennis Umpire Goes Andre Agassi on Her Husband With a Coffee Mug.

Dont Bring a Gun to a Mug Fight

Via Fox Sports-


As an umpire for decades on some of tennis’s biggest stages, Lois Goodman mixed it up with John McEnroe and Martina Navratilova, Roger Federer and the Williams sisters.

Already in New York City for next week’s U.S. Open where she was to serve as a line judge, the 70-year-old Goodman was met Tuesday with a felony arrest warrant from her hometown of Los Angeles, where police and prosecutors say she beat her 80-year-old husband to death with a coffee mug in April.

 Goodman has been a line judge at the U.S. Open for many years and was scheduled to work at this year’s tournament, which begins Monday, and was about to begin working the tournament’s qualifying matches on Tuesday, said tournament spokesman Tim Curry, who had no further comment.

In 1994 when Goodman had already been officiating for 15 years, she was profiled by the Los Angeles Times and described as an avid tennis fan who got the chance to be a referee.

”It’s exciting,” Goodman said at the time. ”This is my favorite spot and I’m out there rubbing shoulders with the best players. There’s no real way to describe it.”

Goodman said the job was worth the paltry pay, the dirty looks from McEnroe and the verbal assaults from players like Andre Agassi.

”You just can’t let anything bother you,” Goodman said. ”And you can’t take anything personally. If you do, you’re in big trouble.’

First off Andre Agassi should take full responsibility for this right? like Verbal beating after verbal beating on the court just had its way with this lady. I wonder what the final straw was. I’m betting  this guy was chewing a graham cracker too loud and she just went off.