Lock City: “Miggles is a Mush” Saturday College Games Re-cap

College week 1 

Miggles 3 – 3

Ohio 24 Penn State 14

Ok to be clear, I had reservations on the Penn State game, but I did point us all in the wrong direction on this one.  They obviously are suffering from distractions still.  The new coach hasnt found his groove and the loss of their key running back has made a difference.  So we definitely know how to treat PSU going forward.  (bright part)? 🙂

Clemson 26 Aurburn 19

yeaaaaa soooooo Clemsons good.  They have always had flashes of greatness then flashes of god awfulness.  I think we missed a key clue that this game would be on the greatness side.  Them coming of the embarrassment of last years bowl game gave them 8 months to dwell and prepare for that to never happen again.  Hind sight is 20/20 and I can see clearly why Clemson should have been the pick there.

Notre Dame 50 Navy 10

Notre Dame is looking to be a contender this year and need to make a statement in their first game with an abysmal Navy team.   This should have been easy to see.  Of course I didn’t see shit on this but a lot of points, which obviously didn’t matter.

Miami 41 BC 32

I DID however pick the Miami vs. BC game.  Hard fought and high scoring, but the better team pulled it out.  Lets not get it twisted here, (as the kids say) neither of these teams are very good so anything could have happened, I just rode the fact that BC had too much to deal with when it comes to injuries.

Bama 41 Michigam 14

I got 2 words for Mayweather…. you’re an idiot!! OK 3, but reports were out all week that you are betting 3 mill on Michigan, no rebuttals, no tweets, not a peep from you or your camp.  The games over and suddenly out of the woodwork  your camp comes out stating you actually placed the bet on Alabama.  How am I supposed to read into this???  Im gonna give it a shot.  After the  game you sulk go to your room and talk to no one for the rest of the night.  You wake up, making breakfast and people start walking in the kitchen, not saying a word to you because they know what kind of “mood” your in.  You can feel their tension and you chime out, $50,000 to whomever can make this like I took Alabama.  A few of your cronies take the challenge and head on there way.  You finish breakfast alone, head to the shower, then off to the gym like nothing happend not talking about the bet with anyone untils its confirmed from your lackeys that they got the word out and the media is running with it.

I write this because how can anyone with a straight face trust anything you say?  Your EGO blurs the lines on what to believe and what not to believe.  Your money and constant stock of yes men causes that same problem.  So in a nut shell i’m sticking with non fictional (most likely ) story of events.  Sorry about your loss moron.

Miggles finished college week one 3-3. Ehhhh who doest love payin juice.  I guess its better than ponying up for the loss.

NFL coverage and picks starting this tuesday.  STAY TUNED!!!!

Wister Miggles

How Juice, Bonds, McGuire and Sosa changed Baseball as we know it forever


Barry Bonds entered Major League Baseball in 1986 at a minuscule 184 pounds.  He subsequently retired from baseball in 2007 at a whopping 240 pounds.  Not only did his weight sky rocket, his hat size even changed.  He was a 7 1/4 in 1986, his last year in the league his hat size was an 8!! Now you don’t have to be an expert on pretty much anything to know that if you gain 60 lbs and your hat size increases…somethings up.  Barry contends that “he didn’t knowingly take steroids” Even though he gained a 6th graders weight of pure muscle!?!?!  The worst part about all of this is the baseball community and its fans celebrated all of his and McGuire and Sosa’s triumphs.  My personal thought is,  the powers that be turned a purposeful blind eye to all of this, because of what this was doing for the sport.  Before all of this, ratings were down, profits were down and many teams were running in the red.  Juice the players juices the numbers juices the profits.  I truly think that Major League Baseball execs were pissed off that this became and issue and had to pretend they were doing something about it.  Only until recently have they made these testings mandatory and spontaneous.  When they did their first round of “clean up” they were announcing tests weeks in advance to the “random” player.

Bottom Line – Bonds juiced to the MAX.  McGuire juiced to the MAX.  Sammy Sosa juiced to the….I think you get.

Now you say well who cares it makes the games more exciting and they can do what they want to their bodies.  All of which I AGREE!!!  Lets send these monsters on the field and let shit get weird, I can guarantee ratings will go through the roof!!

There is the issue of allllll of the incredible baseball players of the past, Ruth, Aaron, May, Williams, Dimaggio.  All played by the “rules”  I say their records hold firm and we start a new book, cause if we mingle the records like we are its a complete and utter travesty.



Wister Miggles