Live Coverage: Felix Baumgartner Jump!

Live coverage of the attempt from Felix Baumgartner.  This guy is out of his mind!

It was delayed earlier this AM because of wind, but looks they are full go now and looking to launch.

70 Year Old Hookers Have Had Sex With Over 355,000 Men. Now They Have Arthritis

Is that Mickey Rourke?

DM – Identical twins Louise and Martine Fokkens shot to fame earlier this year as stars of a documentary charting their 50 year careers as prostitutes in Amsterdam.

Now the 70-year-old Dutch sisters are celebrating their retirement with a tell-all book about their lives and the industry, and today they admitted to This Morning hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield that they have entertained 355,000 men between them.

Louise revealed that her bad arthritis meant that she had retired from prostitution two years ago causing the telly hosts to exclaim: ‘No wonder you have arthritis. You must have very flexible hips!’

Honestly if that’s my number and all I come away with is arthritis I’m playing the fuckin lottery.  “35 bucks on red sir… let it ride.”

This commercial finally makes sense to me I think this is what they were talking about when they said “Twins

I think there’s a 33 percent chance that we have all second hand banged one of these twins.. cheers to all my Eskimo bros in the red light district

Random Monday Thought: 5 TV Shows I Wish Would Come Back Exactly How They Were.

They Just Don’t Make Television programs like they used to.


1. Baywatch


2. Saved By The Bell


3. Boy Meets World


4. Step By Step 


5. Full House


Bonus: The OC (Dont Judge ME.)


If these intros don’t touch you… you’re a sicko.

No Love For Strippers in Tampa This Week

Sun-Sentinel The hype had been building for months.

Just how much partying would the GOP do while in Tampa for the RNC?


The Daily Beast called Tampa the Seedy Host to Republican Coming-Out Party

The strip clubs in Tampa got creative to appeal to the GOP conventioneers: Tampa strip club to feature a Sarah Palin look-alike during RNC

But would the GOP conventioneers rain money on a Tampa’s strippers?

No joking, Tampa strippers “make it rain” money by encouraging patrons to appreciate their moves by slipping their credit cards into ATM-like machines that make the sound of thunder and cause money to rain down on them from the ceiling, CNN reported.

So far looks like the only rain the strippers are seeing is from one blowhard dude name “Isaac.”

Who the fuck is Isaac?  I gotta meet this guy. 

The RNC could be a bust for the strippers.

By early Sunday morning many strippers wondered if conservatives were being too conservative, reports the Tampa Bay Times in St. Petersburg.

A stripper named Jill told the Tampa Bay Times “When you come to Tampa, everyone knows the Mons Venus is the No. 1 strip club. So where is everyone? What is everyone doing? Are they sleeping? Republicans have money.”

I don’t feel sorry for these sluts one bit, but the real question is what stripper ever thought that Jill was a good choice for a stage name?  I think if we asked Chris Carter of ESPN about this, his response would be, “C’mon Man!”