72 year old Hunter, survives 19 days in Wild.

Sf Gate Gene Penaflor woke up facedown and bloody in a remote canyon in Mendocino National Forest. Even worse, he was lost.
It was a situation that the 72-year-old San Francisco man couldn’t have anticipated when he went hunting last month with a buddy. But it was one that he was uniquely prepared for, his friends and family said Monday.

Alright first off, this guy is 72; fragility after 60 is through the roof. this guy fell, got knocked out and still survived with just a rifle for 19 days. 19 days? That is a long fuckin’ time to be trapped in the woods. I know people that you could pack a lunchbox for and a set them a tent with a nice fire and they’d be dead in 3 hours in the wild.

If it were me I’d be wearing a bison skin suit 35 minutes in, going lord of the flies on those woods. I know how this shit works, especially with a rifle “you drew first blood” bitches. I wouldn’t even want them to rescue me, start a new colony right there in the woods I mean shit at 19 days id be like fuck you guys I haven’t seen any rescue teams clearly they’re not trying hard enough.

This guy had bullets left over, how badass is that. Yeah I only had to take like 3 shots in those 19 days clipped a bobcat finished it off with my hands. Think this guys too old for a bullet necklace? Think again.

It’s your world gene, we’re just living in it.

Skateboarder Lit Up By Deer.

Was he trying to Skitch that thing? That’s got to hurt.. Going 40 miles an hour down a hill you lose all logic clearly, this guys state of mind appears to be ” woah deer!! Brah, I could beat it..” ¬†as he hooks right to go around it and then boom hows the ground taste? all his buddies are like fuck you we cant stop! And the random guy on the side of the road is saying bro i’ll help you tape your skin back on. And that deer is like fuck me man not again.

Bambi might have a new spot above the fireplace after that one…