Madden Dumps Chad

To the normal person, if the worst part of your day is you realizing you’re no longer in Madden you had an ok day.  Unfortunately for #85 he is not a normal person, so I’m banking on he’s devastated.  He may be out of Madden, but I have a feeling he’s not out of the limelight.  His career has legs (pun intended) beyond football and Im sure we’ll being hearing from him for a long time to come.

Wister Miggles

Chad Johnson

Hufff Post – For the time being, Chad Johnson (formerly known as Ochocinco… after previously being known as Johnson) does not belong to an NFL team. Therefore, The six-time Pro Bowl wide receiver couldn’t find himself in the Madden 2013 video game.

Johnson, who was recently cut by the Miami Dolphins following his arrest fordomestic violence against his wife, realized this on Wednesday afternoon and reacted on Twitter.