Tom Brady Hate Him or Love Him…

This is Tommy today enjoying his bye week with Geeky glasses and a a coat with no shirt on underneath?

Geeky glasses again?  Lets leave this to the guys in the NBA and Kanye West Tom.

Not even sure what is going on here…

I cant…

Who’s a good puppy?!? The dog seems to be doing well too. 😐

I guess even the best of them get whipped.  Ok, its completely obvious I am one hundred and fifty million percent jealous, but I meannnnn he can man it up a little….just a little.

Macho Macho Miggles

Tom Brady in Mourning

Apparently Gisele’s pooch Vida kicked the bucket this weekend.  Now I’m all for the dogs, but I swear if he scores a TD and points to the sky for his girls Yorkie, he’s 100% dead to me.  (Not sure if pun was intended there or not, but it works?)