NC Kids Watching Disney Movie Get 6 Minutes of Porn

DM – Youngsters left alone to enjoy a harmless Disney cartoon didn’t get the fairytale ending they were expecting after the film inadvertently cut to scenes from a porn movie.

The shocking error happened while Georgie Brown’s three young children were watching a Lilo and Stitch cartoon at the family home in Fairview, North Carolina.

Ms Brown recorded the film several days earlier on The Disney Channel‘s Dish network.

“When i told them you guys were coming to fix the TV. They Mimicked the sound and the action back to me, and they’re 5 and 3. ”

These kids just got a fresh dose of reality. Everything is all fresh and nice in Disney channel land where the only care is how to get stitch back to outer space and then BAM you got a whole new life force you didn’t even know existed.