Thinking Cap 2: “Thanks Bud”

Ok we have all had a good few day’s and then some to digest what transpired at Turner Field on Friday night. Let’s take a look at some of the things that stood out that perhaps we would have missed if our main man Bud didn’t add the bonus baseball, extra wild card, wild one game playoff.

  • Let’s get it out of the way here. Infield fly. The rule that people love to just shrug off and label as impossible to understand. Come on people. Any half-ass sports fan understands the rule. So if you want to be a lazy, sports dolt then fine. Don’t try to comprehend the phrase
    “advance at their own risk.” But please bozos, don’t blame the rule, blame your apathy.

As far as the call the other night- they blew it. Simply. It wasn’t an “ordinary effort” and the call certainly wasn’t made “immediately.” The replacement refs strike again. Oops.

No more infield fly talk. To quote the great DMX, “I washed my hands. I’m through!”

  • The “Tomahawk Chop” is incredible. I just can’t get enough of it! It gets baseball fans into the game. INTO THE GAME! It actually creates atmosphere in a major league baseball stadium that rivals that of a big time football game. I can’t imagine being an opposing closer, with runners on in the ninth and a tie game at Turner Stadium as “The Chop” is in full effect. Baseball needs more of this. (The last few MLB games I went to I was told to sit down and pipe down. I would have loved to “Tomahawk Chop” the loser ushers in the neck.)
  • The fan throwing trash onto the field phenomena never ceases to disappoint me. Get it together people. You are adults. We all have passion for our teams. But don’t act like a three year old when things don’t go your way.  You gotta think that thousands of people woke up Saturday morning hung over and thought to themselves, “jesus, I was throwing beer bottles at 10 dollar an hour employees of Ted Turner.”
  • A nip! The umpire was hit with a nip! Yes! And it was referred to as “a small liquor bottle like the one you are served on a plane.” You can’t write this stuff!
  • Champagne is beautiful stuff. Pundits like to complain about the over celebration of baseball teams. In todays format, a successful team can experience upwards of five champagne showers in one playoff run. I say, good for them! Looks like good old-fashioned fun to me. In fact, I’m heading to the store right now to buy 5 bottles of Andre just in case something good happens today.
  • Quality umpire mocking by the Brave’s faithful. After the IFFR that was botched, any fly ball to the outfield was welcomed by an “Infield Fly” chant. Well done! (Sorry Dark Man X)
  • The Molinas. Its unprecedented. Any time the name Molina is mentioned around Major League Baseball experts get weak in the knees. How can a set of brothers be so talented and so, dare I use the cliché, classy? Whether its Benji, Yadier, Jose or Keith(haha), the Molinas know what they are doing. Mr. and Mrs. Molina, cheers to you!

The latest CAM (Class Act Move) by a Molina was Friday night when Chipper Jones stepped up to the plate for what was most likely the final at bat of his illustrious career. Yadier Molina asked for time and went to talk to his pitcher, giving the Brave’s fans time to express their appreciation for one of the greatest Braves in history- truly a great moment in baseball. Atta boy, Yadi!

  • Chipper Jones. The guy who made me beg my mom to buy me soccer socks so I could wear my baseball pants up at the knee. One of the coolest baseball players of our generation. Jones is a hall of fame switch hitter, he played 19 seasons with the same Atlanta Braves team that drafted him first overall, played a thousand playoff baseball games, caught trophy bass and always played the game the right way.

Chipper’s career came to an end Friday night- in a less than ideal manner. Jone’s had a costly error and was 1-5 at the dish, with his only hit being a symbolic broken bat single with 2 outs in the ninth. In a way, Chipper refused to go quietly into that dark night, just as he has done over the past few injury ridden seasons. (That’s right, a Dylan Thomas allusion….fine, for some of you its “Dangerous Minds”)

Chipper will be remembered for his fantastic career, his intimidating, unflappable stare and for being a true professional baseball player.  He will be remembered a Brave.

Get Bun!


Chipper Jones Goes Out In Style.


..Gangnam style.

ATLANTA – Bedlam reigned at Turner FIeld on Friday night when a questionable application of the infield fly rule resulted in trash tossed on the field and a 15-minute delay in the wild-card game pitting the Braves against the St. Louis Cardinals.

With the Braves trailing 6-3 in the bottom of the eighth inning, Andrelton Simmons was called out an infield fly rule on a ball he hit 65 feet into the outfield.

In an instant, a wave of blue beer cans came out of the Turner Field stands in a shower of disgust.

What a shitty way to end an era. I watched chipper jones when I was playing for the Texas Rangers. Before you get excited, I was 8 and my Dad was the coach. Hard to watch an older, grey haired, teary eyed, chipper in this post game presser. You’ll always be an MLB hero to me.

Stay classy St. Louis. Champagne showers on a blown call wins are realllll classy you idiots.

Braves are Headed to the Playoffs

Give this guy one last shot, he deserves it:

FOX REDEMPTION: Chipper Jones and the Braves are back in the playoffs after missing out last season following a massive September collapse. Freddie Freeman hit a two-run homer in the bottom of the ninth inning that lifted Atlanta over Miami 4-3 on Tuesday night, clinching at least an NL wild-card berth for the Braves. The 40-year-old Jones, who plans to retire after the season, started the winning rally with a double.

But in reality, there’s no chance the Braves get to the world series right? I mean no chance.