Man arrested after punching neighbour in the face, then bragging about it on TWITTER

DM – A Florida man’s love of social media has landed him behind bars after he bragged on Twitter about punching his neighbour.

According to an arrest report, Brandon Michael Perry, of Naples, got into an argument with a neighbour about Perry’s sister on October 25.

The unnamed victim told police that later that day Perry punched him in the face, knocking him off his bicycle while he was riding home from a grocery store.

The Naples Daily News reported that detectives looked at Perry’s Twitter account, where the 30-year-old unemployed man described himself as a ‘pill-popping animal’ and a father of one.

He fired off several profanity-laced tweets about his nemesis, including one posted at 10.37am where he wrote that he was going to ‘knock’ his neighbour ‘out cold’ that day.

About 10 minutes later, Perry tweeted that the victim was ‘talking about callin da police!’ and added that ‘He betta call Jesus, because that’s da only thing gone save him!’

After the neighbour told police he wished to press battery charges, Perry again turned to his favorite social media site, writing that the victim ‘really put da police on me for real!!! A n**** done f***ed his whole life up!’

He added: ‘N****s pressing charges n filling police reports out on me know, got me running from da police!’ 

Later that night, Perry offered some more insights on his predicament, writing: ‘Thinking about going to turn myself in, in a lil bit! I just hate that long ass booking process!’

Perry later said that he went down to the police station because ‘If I don’t go, a warrant will b out by noon!’

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