Big Fat Linemen Don’t Like Looking Fat


So apparently all sorts of linemen are coming out complaining that the Nike uniforms introduced this season are not complimenting their figure. Should’ve gone with the Euro cut eh Raji? One of the Baltimore Ravens linemen had this to say: Ramon Harewood, a 334-pound Baltimore lineman, said that the new jersey fits him fine and that the complainers are those who “like to look pretty” and be “swagged up.”

I think Nike made the jerseys fit… calling spades “spades” if your 330 lbs you’re not going to ever look 195.. get over it and play ball.. stop worrying about being “swagged up” on the football field.

Josh Cribbs Got Lit Up Last Night

Okay, I know this is old news now but for all the assholes like me who missed this hit because they were flipping back and forth between playing FIFA and watching the game… Here is the clip.

Guy just got annihilated. and to add insult to injury he takes an Anthony Allen cleat to the face while hes out.