Chipper Jones Goes Out In Style.


..Gangnam style.

ATLANTA – Bedlam reigned at Turner FIeld on Friday night when a questionable application of the infield fly rule resulted in trash tossed on the field and a 15-minute delay in the wild-card game pitting the Braves against the St. Louis Cardinals.

With the Braves trailing 6-3 in the bottom of the eighth inning, Andrelton Simmons was called out an infield fly rule on a ball he hit 65 feet into the outfield.

In an instant, a wave of blue beer cans came out of the Turner Field stands in a shower of disgust.

What a shitty way to end an era. I watched chipper jones when I was playing for the Texas Rangers. Before you get excited, I was 8 and my Dad was the coach. Hard to watch an older, grey haired, teary eyed, chipper in this post game presser. You’ll always be an MLB hero to me.

Stay classy St. Louis. Champagne showers on a blown call wins are realllll classy you idiots.

Hennessy Shortage In Atlanta!

Is Anyone Surprised That There Was An Angry Fight At The BET Awards Which ‘saw shots fired in the parking lot’ ?    NO, absolutely not. How would that surprise anyone, its expected.  What could possibly go wrong. It’s Hilarious that there is only one award show which could draw so much drama and conflict.





Braves are Headed to the Playoffs

Give this guy one last shot, he deserves it:

FOX REDEMPTION: Chipper Jones and the Braves are back in the playoffs after missing out last season following a massive September collapse. Freddie Freeman hit a two-run homer in the bottom of the ninth inning that lifted Atlanta over Miami 4-3 on Tuesday night, clinching at least an NL wild-card berth for the Braves. The 40-year-old Jones, who plans to retire after the season, started the winning rally with a double.

But in reality, there’s no chance the Braves get to the world series right? I mean no chance.

One of these things is not like the others.

News & Observer – N.C. State has three veteran running backs in James Washington, Tony Creecy and Mustafa Greene. Wolfpack coach Tom O’Brien typically rotates two over the course of the game.

How the carries will be split up next Friday in Atlanta for the season opener against Tennessee is still to be determined O’Brien said Thursday.

Asked if there was any separation in the competition, O’Brien said, “not really.”

“That’s one of those things,” O’Brien said. “Tomorrow we’re going to take off and do a lot of talking about personnel and everything. So we’ll make some decisions going forward.”

Well N.C State, if you want to hear a lot more of  “And that’s another Wolfpack….wait for it…… FIRST DOWN” who is your starting Back?