Jackie Chan Lights up Comedian

I don’t know if this guy went off cause he was saying me love you long time to his sister or cause his act was so bad.. but regardless hilarious to watch this Asian guy slowly lose it.

The best part is the quote from Facebook :

“Sometimes comedy really sucks. Rest in Peace Dom Fok. Thank you for being part of my set for so many years. I love doing this character, but it’s time to say goodbye. I was told many years ago by a couple of big time comedian friends that this was the kind of bit that could get me noticed. They were wrong. I also thought the stage was the only safe place to truly express myself. I was wrong. I will heal and regroup and hit the stage again soon. I’m just glad this ass wipe didn’t have a gun. Thank you and goodnight.”

And the Tweet: 

Comedian Violently Attacked On Stage: youtu.be/FOk3dH-gQUU via @YouTube This is nuts. I’m ok. Crazy shit!

haha this guy is acting like he got mauled by a fucking crowd of kimbo slices, this 5 lb soaking wet Asian guy really hurt you Brett? that’s funnier than your act.