How Punch Drunk is @riddickbowe

Cant believe the news that came out of the closet. He the first openly gay player. Congrats partner I support you. Bowe

Also, if I were Riddick Bowe, I would change my twitter name to Riddickulousness.. way better ring to it than Riddick Bowe. @riddickbowe

“Hockey” Is Back!

Easy Wayne.

It’s the KHL…  For folks not familiar with the “Kontinental Hockey League” It’s a watered down version of the hockey we know and love.

The KHL premiered yesterday with a 1:00 pm broadcast on ESPN2.. the game featured stars like Zdeno Chara, Alex Ovechkin and Marian Hossa. However, outside of Ovie’s 3rd period game winner the game was scoreless and uneventful.

Oh yeah and you read that right.  ESPN the Deuce.  So sad…