72 year old Hunter, survives 19 days in Wild.

Sf Gate Gene Penaflor woke up facedown and bloody in a remote canyon in Mendocino National Forest. Even worse, he was lost.
It was a situation that the 72-year-old San Francisco man couldn’t have anticipated when he went hunting last month with a buddy. But it was one that he was uniquely prepared for, his friends and family said Monday.

Alright first off, this guy is 72; fragility after 60 is through the roof. this guy fell, got knocked out and still survived with just a rifle for 19 days. 19 days? That is a long fuckin’ time to be trapped in the woods. I know people that you could pack a lunchbox for and a set them a tent with a nice fire and they’d be dead in 3 hours in the wild.

If it were me I’d be wearing a bison skin suit 35 minutes in, going lord of the flies on those woods. I know how this shit works, especially with a rifle “you drew first blood” bitches. I wouldn’t even want them to rescue me, start a new colony right there in the woods I mean shit at 19 days id be like fuck you guys I haven’t seen any rescue teams clearly they’re not trying hard enough.

This guy had bullets left over, how badass is that. Yeah I only had to take like 3 shots in those 19 days clipped a bobcat finished it off with my hands. Think this guys too old for a bullet necklace? Think again.

It’s your world gene, we’re just living in it.